Star Sailors League

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Star Sailors League SA
Founded2013 (2013)
Legal statusSociété Anonyme (Swiss)
PurposeGlobal inshore sailing circuit
  • SSL Global Rankings
  • (Men + Women + Nations)
  • SSL Gold Cup
  • (Like the World Cup in football)
  • SSL Finals
  • (Annual global skippers finals)
  • SSL Format
  • (Play-offs regatta system)
Key people
Parent organization
Sailing Athletes Foundation
AffiliationsWorld Sailing as special event
RemarksThe athletes are the Stars

The Star Sailors League (SSL) is the global inshore sailing circuit launched by Olympic athletes in 2012. Supported by the sailing stars like Loïck Peyron and Dennis Conner (SSL honorary chairman), the SSL is recognized as "special event" by World Sailing since 2017. Its main philosophy considers the athletes (not the boats) as the "Stars". Its goals are:

  • Showcase the annual global sailing championship with its 15’000 regattas on the example of the Calcio of football in Italy
  • Determine and celebrate the world leaders in sailing
  • Promote the inshore regattas to the global audience

SSL Circuit[edit]

The three main components of the SSL Circuit:

  • SSL RANKING: Every Tuesday, the SSL updates and publishes the ranking of the 100,000 leading athletes of the SSL Circuit, thus highlighting the world's top inshore sailors. (The SSL Circuit = 15,000 regattas/year in more than 100 countries)
  • SSL FINALS: Every year around November–December, on the model of the yearly play-off in ice-hockey, the SSL organizes the annual final of the SSL Circuit among the 20 best athletes of the ranking, to crown the champion of the season
  • SSL GOLD CUP: Every two years, on the model of the football World Cup (or rugby or cricket, etc.), the SSL organizes the "ultimate" championship of the circuit among the 56 first nations of the ranking, to crown the best sailing nation


From 2019, a wide range of class race results will be gradually integrated into a weekly world ranking inspired by the ATP tennis ranking. At the end of the season, it will qualify the best in the world for the annual final of the circuit (with prize money), and every two years for the SSL Gold Cup. The SSL Global Ranking does not replace the rankings specific to each class but completes them, to offer a simple and attractive overview of inshore sailing to the general public; the SSL Global Ranking will bring together nearly 100,000 athletes in 2021 and will be used as a communication tool in 2019 to promote athletes and the sailing season.

SSL Global Ranking Method[edit]

Reference tables for allocation of points[edit]

Categories of events[edit]
Category 1 MAJOR SSL 4000 Major event:                              
  • Olympic Games,
  • America's Cup,
  • SSL Gold Cup & Finals
Category 2 WORLD SSL 2500 World event :
  • a World Championships (Fleet + Match Racing ( MR)),
  • AC Challenger Selection Series
  • SSL Grand Slam (run on several classes since 2021)
Category 3 CONTINENTAL SSL 1000 Continental event:
  • a+b Continental Championships
  • c Continental Games
  • d Grand Prix I
  • WS World Cup
  • Regatta with 200 boats or more (Opti: 400 boats or more)
  • MR-Grade W + 1
Category 4 INTERNATIONAL SSL 500 International event:
  • AC World Series
  • Olympic qualifier
  • Regional games (4–9 nations)
  • e Grand Prix II
  • Regatta with 80 boats or more (Opti: 200 boats or more)
  • MR-Grade 2
Category 5 NATIONAL SSL 250 National regatta:
  • a National championship
  • Local games (< 4 nations)
  • a District championship
  • f Grand Prix III
  • Regatta with 30 boats or more
  • MR-Grade 3
Category 6 REGIONAL SSL 100 Regional regatta:
  • Regional regatta with 10 boats or more
  • MR-Grade 4
Category 7 LOCAL SSL 10 Local regatta :
  • Local regatta with a participation between 3 and 9 boats
  • MR-Grade 5

a With the exception of MR & all Grand Prix, World + Continental + National Championships with less than 10 boats will be downgraded to the lower category

b Continental: African-Asian-European-Oceania-South/American-North/American-Eastern/Hemisphere-Western/Hemisphere-Championships

c Continental Games: African-Asian-Pacific-Pan American Games

d Grand Prix I:

e Grand Prix II: Sail GP, TP52 Super Series, RC44 Cup, GC32 Racing Tour, 18 Footers

f Grand Prix III: D35, M32, TF35

Status 1 OLYMPIC CLASS 100% Olympics + Particularities:  49er, 49erFX, ILCA 7, ILCA 6, Nacra 17 Mixed, 470 Mixed + Current America's Cup Class + Match Racing Grade W + Grand Prix I
Status 2 WS CLASS 85% Classes with Official Worlds: 5O5, Dragon, Hobie 16, J/70, Melges 24, Moth, Optimist, Snipe, Star, Sunfish, SSL 47, TP52, Grand Prix II & III, ... (~100 classes)
Status 3 OTHER CLASS 75% All Other Classes : 1-Kronan, Albin Express, Folketboot, MC Scow, Naples Sabot, National 10, P-Boot, Sea Snark, Surprise,... (~ 5000 classes)
Types of competitions[edit]
Type 1 OPEN 100% Olympic Classes g: 49erFX, ILCA 6 Reserved for Women / 49er, ILCA 7 Reserved for Men / Nacra 17, 470 for Mixed Teams
America's Cup, SSL: Even if some America's Cup & SSL events require to be qualified to participate, all of them remain "Open" competitions
Type 2 NON-OPEN 40% h Reserved for Specific Gender: Reserved for Women, or for Men, or for Mixed Teams
Reserved for Age Groups: Reserved for Cadets, Juniors, Masters, Grand Masters, U20, U21, U23, U30, …
Reserved for Other Groups: Reserved for Professionals or "Amateurs", or for Disableds, or for Owners

g Competitions for Olympic or local Games qualification and for Olympic or local Games remain "Open" competitions

h Competitions that add 2 (or more) of particular types (eg Juniors + Girls) get 20% of the points

Time validity of points[edit]

Due to the exceptional situation that occurred for COVID-19, the SSL Management Board decided to change the "Time Validity Points" rule, starting from December 15, 2020, until July 31, 2023.

Time 1 RECENT 100% Recent event: Event ended in the last 104 weeks
Time 2 MID-TERM 50% Mid-term event i: Event ended between 105 and 156 weeks ago
Time 3 HISTORICAL 0% Historical event: Event ended more than 156 weeks ago

i For the Olympic Games, for the AC Qualifiers and for the America's Cup, the 50% rule continues until the next edition (not only 156 weeks ago)

Starting from August 1, 2023, the "Time Validity Points" will return to the usual one (see table below):

Time 1 RECENT 100% Recent event: Event ended in the last 52 weeks
Time 2 MID-TERM 50% Mid-term event i: Event ended between 53 and 104 weeks ago
Time 3 HISTORICAL 0% Historical event: Event ended more than 104 weeks ago

i For the Olympic Games and for the America's Cup, the 50% rule continues until the next edition (not only 104 weeks ago)

SSL Ranking Points example: Optimist World Championship – A 4-Step Process[edit]

Examples of SSL Points allocated to 6 World Championships[edit]

Comparison of SSL Scores allocated to the 7 categories of regattas[edit]

SSL Global Ranking: Principles[edit]

  1. Fundamental points
    1. Origin
      • The SSL Global Ranking was conceived and continue to be developed by a group of Olympic and amateur sailors.
    2. Philosophy
      • SSL Global Ranking aims first and foremost to offer the first transversal and global ranking of inshore sailors, in complement to all national or international Class Ranking established by the classes and federations.
    3. Goals
      • The SSL Global Ranking aims to represent a reference and an attractive tool of communication used to:
        • Select sailors for the SSL Finals and for the teams in the SSL Gold Cup
        • Promote sailors and their skills
        • Expand the audience of sailing
  2. Technical features
    1. 6 Best Scores
      • The SSL Ranking takes in consideration the best 6 scores of each athlete in the last 156 weeks (note: from January 1, 2023, the "Time Validity Points" rules will return to the usual one, i.e. last 104 weeks).
      • Exception: All scores allocated for category 7 competitions are added up without any limitation of numbers
    2. All Rewarded
      • All athletes who have participated in one race receive point(s). The winner gets basically from 10 to 4000 points and the last ranked 1 point.
    3. Weekly Update
      • The SSL Global Ranking is updated weekly and published every Tuesday at
    4. Filters
      • The SSL Global Ranking can be filtered according to 3 criteria:
        • By Gender (Men – Women – Open/Global)
        • By Class of boats
        • By Nation
    5. Skipper & Crew
      • The SSL Global Ranking produces 2 distinct Rankings:
        • The SSL "Skipper" Global Ranking
        • The SSL "Crew" Global Ranking
      • Note: The "Skipper" designation used generically throughout this document refers specifically and only to the "Helmsman".
  3. Eligibility – Integration – Evolution
    1. Eligibility: Athletes
      • All athletes without any restrictions (age, sex, status) who are on an official regatta ranking and who have finished at least one full race, may appear in the SSL Global Ranking.
    2. Eligibility: Events
      • All events which meet the criteria below can be integrated in the SSL Global Ranking:
        • Competition validated by a class recognized by World Sailing or by a National Association
        • Competition in real time (= no Ratings & Handicap Systems) with monotype boats or development sailing classes < 30 ff
        • Inshore competitions organized for a maximum period of 15 continuous days. (Exceptions: America's Cup and SSL GC)
    3. Integration steps
      • Weighting based on Event Category, World Sailing classes, open/restricted events:
        • Major events: (4) Olympic Games, America's Cup, SSL Gold Cup & Finals
        • Special events: (4) World Match Racing Tour (MR), ACWS, SailGP, SSL Grand Slams
        • Classes with Status 1 / Olympic Classes: (8) Finn, Laser (M), Laser (W), 49er, 49erFX, 470 (M), 470 (W) Nacra 17
        • Classes with Status 2 / WS Classes: (~100) 5O5, Dragon, Hansa 2.3, Etchells, J/70, Melges 24, Moth, TP52, Star, …
        • Classes with Status 3 / Other Classes: (~5000) Sabot, MC Scow, P-Boot, Sea Snark, Folketboot, Optimist, National 10, …
    4. Rules & evolution
      • The SSL Global Ranking rules are based on the rules that were used in a DEVELOPMENT PHASE from January 2013 to December 2018. During the development phase, to simplify development of the system only results from a single class were used.
      • The SSL Global Ranking will be in a TRANSITION PHASE until December 2021, as dozens of classes and thousands of athletes are added.
      • From 1 January 2022 forward, the SSL Global Ranking will be in its OPERATING PHASE. New classes will be added to the system only at the start of a calendar year, i.e. no new classes will be added during 2022.
    1. "Skipper/Crew"
      • Rules The helmsman and each crew member from one team are awarded the same number of points.
      • All crew members of a team who have participated in one race receive the same number of points for the SSL "Crew" Global Ranking; this rule remains fixed, whatever the number of races sailed by each crew member and whatever the number of crew members having participated.
      • Only one helmsman per team and per event may receive points for the SSL "Skipper" Global Ranking.
      • An athlete cannot be awarded SSL points in the 2 categories if they have participated as a helmsman and as a crew member in the same event. In this case, only the SSL points which are allocated for their role as a crew member are retained.
      • The points awarded in each category ("Skipper" and "Crew" Member) cannot be added together.

SSL Nations Ranking Method[edit]

The SSL Nations Ranking takes in consideration:

  • The total points for each Nation are given by the sum of the position in the global ranking of the top 5 skippers + 2 crews.
  • If there is a score tie between two or more Nations, the tie shall be broken in favor of the Nation with its top skipper in the highest position in the Skipper Global Ranking.

The SSL Nations Ranking is updated and published on the 10th of each month.


Number one ranked sailors[edit]

The following is a list of sailors who have achieved the number one position in the SSL ranking since the inception of the rankings in 2013 for Men and in 2020 for Women:

Year-end number one sailor[edit]

Countries with Number one ranked sailors[edit]

Number one country in the SSL Nations Ranking[edit]

SSL Nations Ranking
No. Sailor Date reached consecutive months Total months
1  Australia September 10, 2020 11 11
2  Great Britain September 10, 2021 11 11
3  Spain August 10, 2021 1 1

SSL Finals[edit]

SSL Finals[edit]

Year First Second Third
2013 Nassau[1]  Brazil
Robert Scheidt
Bruno Prada
Mateusz Kusznierewicz
Dominik Życki
 United States
Mark Mendelblatt
Brian Fatih
2014 Nassau[2]  United States
Mark Mendelblatt
Brian Fatih
Fredrik Lööf
Anders Ekström
Mateusz Kusznierewicz
Dominik Życki
2015 Nassau[3]  United States
George Szabo III
Edoardo Natucci
 New Zealand
Hamish Pepper
Bruno Prada
Xavier Rohart
Pierre-Alexis Ponsot
2016 Nassau YC[4]  United States
Mark Mendelblatt
Brian Fatih
Xavier Rohart
Pierre-Alexis Ponsot
Robert Scheidt
Henry Raul Boening
2017 Nassau YC[5]  Great Britain
Paul Goodison
Frithjof Kleen
Robert Scheidt
Henry Raul Boening
 United States
Mark Mendelblatt
Brian Fatih
2018 Nassau YC  Brazil
Jorge Zarif
Pedro Trouche
Robert Scheidt
Henry Raul Boening
Diego Negri
Frithjof Kleen
2019 Nassau YC[5]  Great Britain
Iain Percy
Anders Ekström
Xavier Rohart
Pierre-Alexis Ponsot
Eivind Melleby
Joshua Revkin

Multiple medallists[edit]

# Athlete Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Mark Mendelblatt
Brian Fatih
 United States 2 0 1 3
2 Robert Scheidt  Brazil 1 2 1 4
3 Bruno Prada  Brazil 1 1 0 2
3 Anders Ekström  Sweden 1 1 0 2
5 Xavier Rohart
Pierre-Alexis Ponsot
 France 0 2 1 3
5 Henry Raul Boening  Brazil 0 2 1 3
7 Mateusz Kusznierewicz
Dominik Życki
 Poland 0 1 1 2

SSL Grand Slams[edit]

SSL Lake Grand Slams[edit]

Year First Second Third
2015 Grandson  United States
George Szabo III
Patrick Ducommun
Robert Stanjek
Frithjof Kleen
 United States
Mark Mendelblatt
Brian Fatih

SSL City Grand Slams[edit]

Year First Second Third
2016 Hamburg  France
Xavier Rohart
Pierre-Alexis Ponsot
Eivind Melleby
Joshua Revkin
Mateusz Kusznierewicz
Dominik Życki

SSL Breeze Grand Slams[edit]

Year First Second Third
2019 Riva del Garda  Brazil
Robert Scheidt
Henry Raul Boening
Xavier Rohart
Pierre-Alexis Ponsot
 United States
Paul Cayard
Arthur Lopes

SSL Gold Cup[edit]

First edition in 2022


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