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Screen Awards
21st Screen Awards
Awarded for Best in film
Country India
First awarded 1995
Official website
Television/Radio coverage
Network Star Plus (2000-2011 & 2016-)
Colors (2012-2013)
Life OK (2014-2015)

The Screen Awards, (previously named Star Screen Awards), is an annual awards ceremony held in India honouring professional excellence in the Bollywood Film Industry. The nomination and award selection is done by a panel of distinguished professionals from the industry.[1][2]


The Screen Awards, initiated by the chairman of The Express Group, Mr. Viveck Goenka in 1994, are focused on excellence in films in India. The awards attempt to position themselves as India's first awards that are given by the film fraternity to the film fraternity by way of a jury, as opposed to the other "popular" awards. The awards are also the first to be conducted every year. [3]

The Awards for Hindi and Marathi films, TV and non-film music are presented annually in January each year. Several editions of the awards such as the "Screen Weekly Awards", "Screen Videocon Awards", "Star Screen Awards", "Colors Screen Awards" and "Life OK Screen Awards" have thus far been presented. Until 2001, the awards were sponsored by Videocon International and hence known as the Screen Videocon Awards.[4] For the regional cinema of South India, Screen has held three editions of the "Screen Awards for excellence in South Indian Cinema". The awards were presented for Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada cinema.

The ceremony has involved the Executive Director and the Governor of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.[1]

The 18th Colors Screen Awards was held on 14 January 2012, and broadcast on 22 January 2012. The ceremony was hosted by Shahrukh Khan. the 19th Colors Screen Awards was held on 12 January 2013, and broadcast on 19 January 2013.

The 20th Life OK Screen Awards was held on 14 January 2014, and broadcast on 25 January 2014. The awards were hosted by Shahrukh Khan. The 21st Life OK Screen Awards was held on 13 January 2015 and was broadcast on 25 January 2015. The 22nd Star Screen Awards was held on 8 January 2016 and broadcast on 31 January 2016. The 23rd Star Screen Awards was held on 4 December 2016 and broadcast on 31 December 2016.


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