Star Trek: Stargazer

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Star Trek: Stargazer
  • Gauntlet (2002)
  • Progenitor (2002)
  • Three (2003)
  • Oblivion (2003)
  • Enigma (2004)
  • Maker (2004)

AuthorMichael Jan Friedman
GenreScience fiction
PublisherPocket Books
No. of books6

Star Trek: Stargazer is a series of Star Trek novels written by Michael Jan Friedman. The novels are about the adventures of the USS Stargazer (NCC-2893), which was Jean-Luc Picard's first command. While not official canon, these stories can be viewed as a prequel to the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Chronologically, this series is followed by the Lost Era Picard novel The Buried Age.


Many of the characters originally appeared in Friedman's 1992 novel Reunion (ISBN 0-671-78755-1).

Main characters in the Stargazer crew include:

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the Stargazer
  • Lieutenant Commander Gilaad Ben Zoma, first officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Jack Crusher, second officer (until his death)
  • Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Wu, second officer
  • Lieutenant Gerda Asmund, navigator
  • Lieutenant Idun Asmund, helm officer
  • Lieutenant Nol Kastiigan, science officer. He is a Kandilkari and was assigned to the Stargazer to replace the previous chief science officer, Juanita Valderrama, who had been dismissed because of unethical behaviour.
  • Ensign Cole Paris, helm officer. Assigned on board the Stargazer after Ensign Joe Caber was dismissed, and replaced Caber as Ensign Andreas Nikolas's roommate. Uncle of Tom Paris.
  • Dikembe Ulelo, communications officer. Replaced by an alien shapeshifter who spied on the activities of USS Stargazer. The alien was discovered and Ulelo found and reunited with the crew.
  • Lieutenant Vigo, chief weapons officer
  • Lieutenant Phigus Simenon, chief engineer. The crew assisted Simenon with his mating ritual on his home planet.
  • Lieutenant Bill Refsland, transporter operator
  • Lieutenant Peter Joseph, security chief
  • Lieutenant Obal, security guard
  • Ensign Andreas Nikolas, security guard. He is somewhat laid-back and not too devoted to his job. He has a way of arriving at assignments and meetings at the last minute, which has earned him the nickname "Nik of time".
  • Crewperson Emily Bender, science officer
  • Ensign Jiterica, science officer. Jiterica's natural form is a cloud of mist, and she has to constantly wear a heavy, awkward containment suit to facilitate interaction with the Stargazer and fellow crewmembers. Even the face shown in the suit's helmet and her voice are artificial, generated by a portable computer.
  • Carter Greyhorse, chief medical officer


No. Title Author Date ISBN
1 Gauntlet Michael Jan Friedman 30 April 2002 0-7434-2792-0
2 Progenitor 0-7434-2794-7
3 Three 29 July 2003 0-7434-4852-9
4 Oblivion 26 August 2003 0-7434-4854-5
5 Enigma 27 July 2004 0-7434-4856-1
6 Maker 31 August 2004 0-7434-4858-8

Related novels[edit]

Pantheon (2003) is an omnibus of Reunion and The Valiant, published as part of the Signature Edition series.

Title Author Date ISBN
Reunion Michael Jan Friedman November 1991 0-671-74808-4
The Valiant April 2000 0-671-77522-7
Pantheon (omnibus) 16 September 2003 0-7434-8511-4

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