Star Wars: Attack Squadrons

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Star Wars: Attack Squadrons
Attack Squadrons Cover.png
Developer(s) Area 52 Games
Publisher(s) Disney Interactive Studios[1]
Series Star Wars
Engine Unity
Platform(s) Web browser
Release Cancelled
Genre(s) Action[2][3]
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is a cancelled freemium multiplayer space combat action video game developed by Area 52 Games, originally intended to be published by Disney Interactive Studios and licensed by LucasArts[4] for web browsers, developed with Unity.[5]

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons was announced by Disney Interactive Studios on December 17, 2013.[6] A closed beta period began in North America on January 14, 2014.[7] On May 23, 2014, it was announced that following the beta test, the decision was made not to go forward with the game.[8]


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