Star Wars: Pit Droids

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Star Wars: Pit Droids
Developer(s)Lucas Learning
Publisher(s)Lucas Learning
Platform(s)iPad, iPhone, Macintosh, Windows

Star Wars: Pit Droids (full title: Star Wars Pit Droids: Logic and Reasoning) is a 1999 puzzle game by Lucas Learning. The game develops skills such as hypothesis testing and geometry.[1]


Watto has bought a series of new pit droids, and tasks the player with transporting them to the Pod Racing arena by avoiding all the environmental obstacles.


The player manoeuvres the pit droids through a series of puzzles such as road blocks and junk heaps. Players can also create their own droids and trade them online with other gamers.

Critical reception[edit]

Matt Diamond of Inside Mac Games praised the puzzle, variable difficulty, graphics, and music.[2] Brad Cook of All Game Guide complimented its detailed graphics, intricate gameplay, and jazzy soundtrack.[3] Just Adventure's Ray Ivey liked the aesthetic quality of the game manual.[4] The Scotsman said the game was very playable for a TV-tie in and offered educational opportunities.[5] IGN gave the game a rating of 7.5.[6] The Boston Herald thought the game offered an interesting test of children's logical abilities.[7] The Boston Globe thought it was a standout in the children's software genre, mentioning its animation, sound effects, and tutorial.[8] CVG said the game was easy to play, but added that its overly simple concept reduced its replayability.[9]

Pit Droids won Computer Games Strategy Plus's 1999 "Classic Game of the Year" award. The editors wrote, "[T]his game is not only mind-bogglingly fun for puzzle fans of all ages, it is also solid, well-designed, addictive, attractive, and arguably the year’s best use of the Star Wars Episode I license."[10]


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