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Star Wars Scrapbook is a book with pull-out reproductions of Star Wars merchandise/artifacts, in a similar fashion to the books Greetings From E Street: The Story of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and Tupac Shakur Legacy.

Written by Stephen J. Sansweet, a former reporter for The Wall Street Journal,[1][2] it contains pictures of Star Wars merchandise as well as a copy of an invitation to a San Francisco press screening of Return of the Jedi, a reprint of the first newsletter of the Official Star Wars Fan Club,[1] and a C-3PO cut out mask.[2][3] Also included were Movie posters, a punch out X-wing glider and backstage passes to the filming of The Empire Strikes Back.[4] Daly from Entertainment Weekly graded the book B and wrote "It’s charming but creepy, and if Jedi Knights existed, they’d probably rank it alongside winking-Jesus 3-D postcards in the annals of misguided relics of adoration."[3]


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