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Ashthalakshmi or Star of Lakshmi.

The Star of Lakshmi is a special octagram, a regular compound polygon, represented by Schläfli symbol {8/2} or 2{4}, made from two congruent squares with the same center at 45° angles, and figures in Hinduism, where it represents Ashtalakshmi, the eight forms, or "kinds of wealth", of the goddess Lakshmi.

In popular culture[edit]

This symbol appears prominently in the fictional Lugash National Museum portrayed in the 1975 film The Return of the Pink Panther.[1]

It was also used on the old Moroccan flags under Marinids, Wattasids and Saadians dynasties between 1244 and 1659, regarded as one of the most powerful dynasties in the Mediterranean sea.

the Moroccan flag .

The symbol is used by the band Faith No More on their website and other media from the band such as their 1985 album We Care a Lot.

In the novel The Sword of the Templars by Paul Christopher the star marks the entrance to a secret temple.

In Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, it is regarded as the symbol of King Solomon.

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