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A starbase is a facility, often in space, used in science fiction works such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Firefly. Typically they act as drydocks, battle stations or trading outposts.

In science fiction[edit]

Babylon 5[edit]

The most prominent example of a starbase in Babylon 5 is the Babylon 5 station itself, as well as its four sister stations of the O'Neill cylinder configuration. The word "starbase" itself is rarely used in the series, rather the word "station" or "base" are used in place of it. Earth also employs a variety of starbases, like the Io station.[1] Also, other races such as the Narns, the Centauri, and the Minbari also employ starbases.[2][3][4] Two Narn stations were seen so far: the one in Quadrant 37 and Quadrant 14, both destroyed by the Shadows.[1][2] The Centauri starbase orbiting Ragesh 3 was attacked and conquered by the Narns.[3] The Vorlons too were seen with starbases, although it was designated by Lennier as a "Vorlon Observation post."[5]

Star Trek[edit]

The most prominent example of a starbase within the Star Trek universe is Deep Space 9, a starbase which serves as the setting for the series of the same name. Also notable is Earth Spacedock, a massive facility in Earth orbit in which vessels can berth inside the base itself rather than being docked to the outer hull. Similar facilities have also been seen within Star Trek. All of the other Star Trek series also include starbases as settings for some episode plots, with considerable portions of the episode often being shown on the starbase. Other Starbases are, however, not actual space installations and are instead built on the surface of planets or moons. Also, many starbases have larger, more advanced medical and engineering sections than starships.


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