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The STARFLEET International Conference is the annual business conference where members of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. meet the organization's leadership. The conference includes leadership meetings, information sessions, a formal banquet, an awards ceremony, and other events and entertainment.


STARFLEET is a nonprofit corporation based in North Carolina, and the conference also serves as the required annual meeting of the corporation where members of the Board of Directors, referred to as the Admiralty Board, and the officers of the corporation, known as the Executive Committee, meet in session. Initially called the "National Conference,"[1] the International Conference has been hosted in the United States because the majority of STARFLEET's membership resides in that country. Most conferences are stand-alone events, but some have been associated with nearby conventions; for example, in 1995, the conference was part of DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia. Conference guests have included Vaughn Armstrong,[2] Casey Biggs,[2] Robin Curtis,[3][4] Richard Herd,[2] J. G. Hertzler,[3] Chase Masterson,[5] Colm Meaney,[6] Tim Russ,[3] Roger Stern[3] and Fred W. Haise.



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