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Starfleet Wars, a space battle game by Superior Models, Inc. featuring five races: Terrans, Entomalians, Avarians, Aquarians and Carnivorans. It was sold to Gamemasters in 1997, and then was off the market until Monday Knight Productions re-introduced it.[1] Introduced in 1978 and designed by Wayne Smith and Ron Spicer, Starfleet Wars was a dice-rolling simultaneous-action spaceship war game with miniature lead figures.[2]

The Opposing Forces[edit]

There are five different races, each with their own unique fleets of starships.[3]

  • Terran Transolar Federation Navy (TTFN) was manned by the human race
  • Entomolian Imperial Fleet (EIF) was made up of insects
  • Carnivorian Republic Star Forces (CRSF) were the race of big cats
  • Aquarian Alliance Stellar Forces (AASF) came from the seas, such as fish and sharks
  • Avarian United Worlds Navy (AUWN) flew in from the air as different types of birds


Lead figure miniatures of each ship in the five different fleets are available to supplement game play. These were made in 1:9600 scale with some latitude built in for the small fighters that would otherwise be to small to model.[4]


Starfleet Wars was purchased by Monday Knight Productions, and re-released under the name Galactic Knights to avoid confusion with the Star Trek franchise.

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