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Starforce from Avengers Vol 1 346.jpg
Interior panel from Avengers Vol. 1, #346 (April 1992). Art by Steve Epting and Tom Palmer. Letters by Bill Oakley.
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceAvengers #346 (April 1992)
Created byBob Harras (writer)
Steve Epting (artist)
In-story information
Type of organizationTeam
Agent(s)Captain Atlas
Doctor Minerva
Ronan the Accuser
Korath the Pursuer

The Starforce are a fictional supervillain team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Its original appearance was in the comic Avengers #346 released in 1992, as part of the "Operation: Galactic Storm" storyline. The team are a Kree team of super-powered individuals brought together by the Supreme Intelligence.

Starforce appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain Marvel (2019).

Publication history[edit]

Starforce first appeared in Avengers #346 (April 1992), created by writer Bob Harras and artist Steve Epting. The team debuted during the storyline Operation Galactic Storm and played a major role in the Kree-based part of the story. Following the outcome of that story, now under the control of the Shi'ar, they confronted Quasar, Her and Makkari who had travelled to the Kree homeworld to see if they can help survivors.[1][2][3]

The team reappeared in other Marvel space stories, including Silver Surfer: Breakout, Blackwulf[4] and during Annihilation they are exiled as traitors.[5][3]


The initial team was:

After her capture, the Shi'ar noblewoman Deathbird joined them and then led the team following the destruction of the Kree when she was placed in charge of the former Kree empire.

In other media[edit]

The Starforce team as depicted in the 2019 film, Captain Marvel (L-R: Korath, Att-Lass, Vers, Bron-Char, Minn-Erva).

The Starforce appears in the 2019 film Captain Marvel. Vers, Korath, Minn-Erva, Att-Lass, and Bron-Char make up the team and are led by Yon-Rogg.[6][7] The group is first seen going to the planet Torfa to rescue a Kree scout named Soh-Larr. This leads to a Skrull ambush led by Talos which results in Vers getting captured. When Vers escapes to Earth and makes contact with Yon-Rogg, Starforce heads to Earth. Following a parley with Talos and the discovery of the Skrull refugees that Mar-Vell hid, Starforce arrives and takes the Skrulls, Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau, and Goose prisoner, while Vers, in her regained identity of Carol Danvers, is placed in a transmission with the Supreme Intelligence. After breaking free and overheating the implant that limited her abilities, Carol Danvers fights Starforce and the Kree soldiers with them to rescue Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau, and the Skrulls which results in most of the antagonizing Kree either being killed or incapacitated.


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