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Stargazer may refer to:


Fictional media[edit]




  • "Stargazer", a song by Hatsune Miku
  • "Stargazer", a song by Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • "Stargazer", song by The Tea Party
  • "Stargazer", a song by Rainbow on the 1976 album "Rising"
  • "Stargazer", a song by Rx Bandits on the album Gemini, Her Majesty
  • "Stargazer", a song by Mother Love Bone on the album Apple
  • "Stargazer", a song by Neil Diamond on the album Beautiful Noise
  • "Stargazer", a song by Rainbow on the album Rising, also covered by Dream Theater, Lana Lane and Týr.
  • "Stargazer", a song by Spitz
  • "Stargazers", a song by Nightwish on the album Oceanborn
  • "Stargazers", a song by Avantasia on the album Angel of Babylon
  • "Stargazer", a song by Alice Nine
  • "Stargazer", a song by Scottish folk singer Shelagh McDonald on the album of the same name
  • "Stargazer", a song by Filipino band Sponge Cola
  • "Stargazer", a song by Blood Stain Child on the album Mozaiq

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Other uses[edit]