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County (Principality) of Starhemberg
Grafschaft (Fürstentum) Starhemberg
State of the Holy Roman Empire
Capital Starhemberg
Government Principality
Historical era Early modern period
 •  Castle built by
    Ottokar of Styria
 •  County gained
 •  Raised to principality 1765
 •  Mediatised to the
    Austrian Empire
Succeeded by
Austrian Empire
Original arms of the family
Arms of the Princes of Starhemberg

Starhemberg is the name of an old Austrian noble family originating from Upper Austria, specifically Steyr and Steinbach.[1] They were imperial counts (Reichsgrafen) from 1643, then were raised to princely rank (Reichsfürsten) in 1765. The family belongs to the high nobility,[2] and their Starhemberg Castle (German: Schloss Starhemberg) in Eferding, Upper Austria, includes a museum about the family's history.

Mediatized Princes of Starhemberg[edit]

  • Camillo, 1st Prince (1804-1872)[3]
    • Camillo, 2nd Prince 1872-1900 (1835-1900)
      • Ernst Rüdiger, 3rd Prince 1900-1927 (1861-1927)
        • Ernst Rüdiger, 4th Prince 1927-1956 (1899-1956)
          • Heinrich, 5th Prince 1956-1997 (1934-1997)
        • Prince Georg (1904-1978)
          • Prince Franz (1933-1995)
            • Georg Adam, 6th Prince 1997-present (b.1961)
            • Prince Franz (b.1963)
              • Prince Nicolaus (b.2001)

Notable family members[edit]


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Further reading[edit]

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