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Directed by Barbara Peeters
Produced by Daniel Grodnik
Jack Rose
John B Kelley
Written by Stephanie Rothman (as "Dallas Meredith")
Cinematography Eric Saarinen
Edited by Steve Zaillian
Release date
Language English

Starhops is 1978 exploitation film. It was based on a script by Stephanie Rothman, writing under a pseudonym, and was edited by Steve Zaillian, who later became an Oscar-winning screenwriter.


Three carhops team up to save their fast food restaurant from going broke.


  • Dorothy Buhrman as Danielle
  • Sterling Frazier as Cupcake
  • Jillian Kesner as Angel
  • Anthony Mannino as Kong
  • Paul Ryan as Norman
  • Al Hobson as Carter Axe
  • Dick Miller as Jerry
  • Peter Liapis as Ron


Rothman originally wrote the script, then entitled Carhops, while she was at Dimension Pictures. She took it with her when she left Dimension in 1975 and sold it to some producers, only to have them hire Barbara Peeters as director instead. The movie was retitled due the fact there was another film released with the same title. Rothman took her name off the movie, using a pseudonym, as she felt "there was not an idea, a scene, a word, or even a comma left from my original script."[1]


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