Starling Inlet

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Sha Tau Kok Public Pier in Starling Inlet.
A Chau seen from Luk Keng Road.

Starling Inlet or Sha Tau Kok Hoi (Chinese: 沙頭角海) is a harbour in northeast New Territories, Hong Kong. The whole body of water falls within the Closed Area and generally restricted to local residents.

Settlements around the harbour include: Sha Tau Kok, Wu Shek Kok (烏石角), Yim Tso Ha (鹽灶下), Nam Chung, Luk Keng, Fung Hang, Kuk Po, Yung Shue Au.

Islets within Starling Inlet include A Chau, near the southwestern end of the Inlet, and Shui Cham Tsui Pai.

Closed Area[edit]

The border town Sha Tau Kok is located at the north of the opening of the inlet to Mirs Bay. For those who are not residents within the Closed Area, or are not crossing the border, a Closed Area Permit is required. Applications for a Closed Area Permit outside the Closed Area can be made at the Sheung Shui Police Station in Fanling.

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Coordinates: 22°32′17″N 114°13′41″E / 22.53806°N 114.22806°E / 22.53806; 114.22806