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Starsky Robotics
IndustryAutonomous Robotics (robotics, manufacturing, logistics
HeadquartersSan Francisco
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Starsky Robotics is an autonomous truck company founded by Stefan Seltz-Axmacher and Kartik Tiwari. It provides an end-to-end solution that enables trucks to drive without a person in the vehicle. The company has raised $21.7 million to date. Shasta Ventures, Y Combinator, Sam Altman,, 9Point Ventures, 50 Years and others have invested in various rounds of funding. Starsky Robotics has successfully tested a fully unmanned truck in Florida.


In 2017, Starsky Robotics announced that it had raised $5 million from Y Combinator, Sam Altman, Trucks VC, and Data Collective to create an autonomous trucking company.[1] In 2018, company closed a $16.5 million Series A, led by Shasta Ventures.[2]

In February 2018, Starsky Robotics completed a 7-mile fully driverless trip in Florida without a single human in the truck[3]. Starsky is the first company to publicly test an empty cabin for autonomous trucks.[4]


The company develops proprietary technology that allows drivers to remotely pilot trucks from a central headquarters.[5][6] The company has successfully completed full deliveries with 85% autonomy.[7][8] Starsky Robotics’ system solves the issue of final-mile delivery by removing drivers from the cab entirely and putting them in an office where they can remotely operate the truck from terminal to delivery.[9]

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