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Developer(s)IBM, Microsoft, ReactOS Contributors
Operating systemOS/2, Microsoft Windows, ReactOS
Description of the START command of RT-11SJ displayed on a VT100.

In computing, start is a command of the IBM OS/2,[1] Microsoft Windows[2] and ReactOS[3] command-line interpreter cmd.exe[4] (and some versions of COMMAND.COM) to start programs or batch files or to open files or directories using the default program.

The command is also one of the basic commands implemented in the Keyboard Monitor (KMON) of the DEC RT-11 operating system.[5] The TOPS-10[6] and TOPS-20[7] operating systems also provide a start command. It is used to start a program in memory at a specified address.

Other environments[edit]

The equivalent Bash command is open. It opens a file in its default application. In PowerShell, the Invoke-Item cmdlet is used to invoke an executable or open a file.[8] On Apple Macintosh, the corresponding command is open and on Stratus OpenVOS it is start_process.[9]


Windows, ReactOS[edit]

start "title" [/D path] [options] "command" [parameters]


Windows, ReactOS[edit]

C:\>start notepad file.txt
C:\>start "C:\My Music\My Song.mp3"

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