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Limited liability company
IndustryVenture capital & Seed accelerator
FoundedOctober 9, 2010; 9 years ago (2010-10-09)[1]
Copenhagen, Denmark
HeadquartersTechspace Shoreditch 25 Luke St, London EC2A 4DS
Key people
Alex Farcet, Carsten Kolbeck, Patrick de Zeeuw and Ruud Hendriks
ProductsStartup Accelerator Program

Startupbootcamp is a network of industry-focused startup accelerators. It was founded in 2010 and now operates globally with 20+ industry-focused programs in key locations including San Francisco, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Chengdu, Berlin, Dubai, Hartford, Istanbul, Rome, London, Melbourne, Miami, Mumbai, Mexico City, New York, and Singapore. The co-founders are Alex Farcet, Carsten Kolbeck, Patrick de Zeeuw, and Ruud Hendriks.[2] Since launching, Startupbootcamp has accelerated over 600 startups of which 78% went on to receive funding.[3] Startupbootcamp startups received an average of €582,438 in investment.[3]


The first programme was officially launched by Alex Farcet in Copenhagen in 2010. In 2012, Startupbootcamp expanded to Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid and Dublin. In 2013 it added Tel Aviv in Israel and Eindhoven. In 2014 it opened an accelerator programme in London and Istanbul.[4] In 2016 it opened an accelerator programme in Rome. In 2017 they launched 6 new program, expanding from Europe to Asia, Africa, USA, Latin America and Australia.



Each Startupbootcamp accelerator programme selects 10 startups from more than 500 global applicants to receive mentorship from 150 entrepreneurs, investors and partners, €15,000 for living expenses, free co-working space and over €450,000 worth of partner deals.[5] In return, Startupbootcamp takes a 6-8% equity stake.[5]

Programmes are primarily mentorship-driven. The volunteering mentors drive the startup acceleration over three months and often for months or years afterwards. Most of the volunteering mentors drop off however, so that there is a high turnover of mentors.[6] This gives startups direct access to an international network of relevant partners, investors and mentors in their industry. The main partners of Startupbootcamp are Amazon, Intel, Kuehne + Nagel, Vodafone, ABN Amro, Airbus, Philips, Cisco, Bosch, HERE, Mercedes-Benz, EY, MasterCard which all act as mentors and pilot customers.

Alumni Growth Programme[edit]

Startupbootcamp continues to help the startups with intensive mentorship and finding new investors between 12 and 18 months after the end of the programme with their Alumni Growth Programme.[7] Within the Alumni Growth Programme are the yearly Alumni Summit[8] and Alumni CEO Summit[9] where all 150+ alumni are invited to meet new investors, partners and share knowledge with each other.

List of programmes[edit]

Accelerator programmes currently running with industry focus include the following:

  • Afritech Cape Town
  • Commerce Amsterdam
  • Digital Health Berlin
  • Digital Health Chengdu
  • Digital Health Miami
  • Energy Australia
  • FinTech & CyberSecurity Amsterdam
  • FinTech London
  • FinTech Mexico City
  • FinTech Mumbai
  • FinTech Singapore
  • FoodTech Rome
  • InsurTech London
  • IoT London
  • Scale FinTech Mexico City
  • Scale San Francisco
  • Smart City & IoT Amsterdam
  • Smart City Dubai
  • FinTech Cairo
  • Powered By - Hartford Insurtech Hub

List of Accelerator Programmes without industry focus:


Startupbootcamp was awarded the title Best Accelerator 2014 during the European Tech Startup Awards, organised by The Europas.[11][12] The Economist has said that accelerators and similar startup programmes, of which Startupbootcamp is one, are the biggest professional-training system you have never heard of.[13] Forbes called Startupbootcamp “Europe's Biggest Startup Accelerator”.[14]


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