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State Academic University for the Humanities' (Russian: Государственный академический университет гуманитарных наук) (GAUGN former GUGN) is a public higher education institution, based on the individual institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Originally it bore the name Russian Center of Liberal Education (RTSGO), State University of Humanities (GUGN). The director: Aleksandr Chubaryan, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The major feature of GAUGN is integration of academic science into university educational process. It involves the participation of prominent Russian scholars.


The mission of GAUGN is to install the academic culture, provide the information management with skills in order to be able to change career map throughout your life. It is the place for communication of intellectual elite, the development of international, cultural and scientific communication, the research of social problems, the study and preservation of historical and cultural heritage, the development and implementation of new educational technologies.


On April 13, 1992, Council of Ministers signed Decree №244 on the establishment of the National Center for Humanitarian Education. Another possible date of birth of the university can be considered the date of signing the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 24 February 1994, when the center was given the status of university. Date of birth of the third high school is August 21, 1998, when RTSGO (University) was renamed the Order of the Ministry of Education of Russia №2208 in State University of Humanities received one of the modern titles.


  • Faculty of philosophy
  • Faculty of political science
  • Faculty of psychology
  • Faculty of history
  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of cultural studies
  • Faculty of world politics
  • Faculty of sociology
  • Faculty of economics
  • Faculty of economic management
  • Faculty of oriental studies
  • Institute of books culture and management
  • Intensive course in Russian Studies

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