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National Archives Administration
(of China)
Central Archives
(of the Communist Party of China)
国家档案局 / 中央档案馆
Guójiā Dàng'àn Jú / Zhōngyāng Dàng'àn Guǎn
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Administrative agency overview
Jurisdiction China
Administrative agency executive
  • Yang Dongquan, Secretary / Curator
Parent departmentGeneral Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
Parent administrative agencyState Council of the People's Republic of China

The National Archives Administration (Chinese: 国家档案局) of China, also named the Central Archives (Chinese: 中央档案馆) of the Communist Party of China, is the national administrative agency responsible for historical records of the state dating back to imperial times in China.[1] These include government documents since the May Fourth Movement.[2] The archive collections include more than 800,000 records.[1][2][3] There are more than 80 million items of information in documents, records, files, manuscripts on important political figures.[1][2][3] The agency also concurrently holds records for the Communist Party of China. Hence it is also known as the Central Archives.[1][2][3]


The National Archives agency was established in November 1954, as a national agency subordinated to the State Council of the People's Republic of China.[2][3] In 1959, CPC Central Committee decided the National Archives was not just an archive agency for the communist party and it should be also a state agency for repository of state official records.[2][3]

In 1970, the National Archives was made defunct.[2][3] In 1979, the National Archives was reestablished. In 1985, the CPC Central Committee and State Council decided to change the National Archives owned by the State Council of the People's Republic of China leadership to manage all the archival work of the State Council executive government departments, all subordinated agencies administered by or reporting to the State Council.[2][3]

Central Archives agency was established separately in June 1959 by the CPC Central Committee to archive important documents for the party central committee and the central authorities.[2][3]

In 1993, the National Archives and Central Archives agency were merged into one unified agency called the State Archives Administration operating two archives, one for the state and one for the ruling political party.[2][3]

Organizational structure[edit]

The agency is structured in the following departments.[2][3]

Internal units[edit]

  • Office
  • Archival storage Department
  • Archival Use Department
  • Finance Department
  • Policies and regulations Research Department
  • Foreign Affairs Office
  • Information Management Centre

Subordinate agencies[edit]

Secretary for the National Archives[edit]

  • Zeng San (1954.11-1966.05)
  • Yang Qing (1966.07-1967.01)
  • Zhang Zhong (1979.06-1981.12)
  • Zeng San (1981.12-1982.06)
  • Hanyu Hu (1983.02-1988.11)
  • Feng Zizhi (1988.11-1993.12)
  • Wang Gang (1993.12-2000.01)
  • Mao Fumin (2000.01-2006.07)
  • Yang Dongquan (2006.07-present)

Curator of the Central Archives[edit]

  • Zeng San (June 1959 -1966).
  • Xiao Guang (January 1970 to 1979, June, curator of the CPC Central Committee archives)
  • Zeng San (June 1979 –1982 years 2 months)
  • Wang Mingzhe -1993 (February 1982, December)
  • Wang Gang (December 1993 - 1999 December)
  • Mao Fumin (December 1999, July 2006)
  • Yang Dongquan (since July 2006)

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