State Bank Tower

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State Bank Tower
Port louis.jpg
The State Bank Tower as seen from the Port Louis Waterfront.
General information
Status Complete
Type Offices
Location Port Louis, Mauritius
Opening 1995
Roof 82 m (269 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 16
Design and construction
Architect Campbell Reith Hill

The State Bank Tower is a high-rise building in the capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis. The 16-storey tower contrary to popular belief, is not the tallest building in Port Louis. It is the fourth tallest building and only steel frame skeleton high-rise on the island.

It was designed by Campbell Reith Hill. In February 1994, it was damaged by cyclone Hollanda which hit Mauritius with windspeeds of over 200 km/h when the building's construction tower crane smashed and tore on the high-rise. The 82 m tall tower, hosting mostly offices, was finally inaugurated in 1995.

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Coordinates: 20°09′43″S 57°30′05″E / 20.16194°S 57.50139°E / -20.16194; 57.50139