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State Council Research Office (Chinese: 国务院研究室; pinyin: Guówùyuàn Yánjiūshì) is the administrative office within the State Council of the People's Republic of China in charge of formulating policy, conducting research, policy recommendations and consultation on strategic, organizational, services related to the State Council. It aims to improve the functions and governance of the State Council.[1][2]

The office was established in 1995. Its current director is Huang Shouhong.

Administrative Structure[edit]

The State Council Research Office is organised in the following departments:[2]

  • Secretariat (Department of Personnel, Department of Foreign Affairs)
  • Department of General Research
  • Department of Macroeconomic Research
  • Department of Work Affairs and Business Research
  • Department of Rural Economy Research
  • Department of Social Development Research
  • Communist Party Committee Office


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