State Customs Committee (Azerbaijan)

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State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan Republic
Azərbaycan Respublikası Dövlət Gömrük Komitəsi
Emblem of Azerbaijan.svg
Coat of Arms of Azerbaijan
Agency overview
Formed January 30, 1992
Headquarters 2 Inshaatchilar Avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic AZ1073
Agency executive

The State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan Republic (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Respublikası Dövlət Gömrük Komitəsi) is a governmental agency within the Cabinet of Azerbaijan in charge of customs clearance for imports and exports, and regulation of all customs activities within Azerbaijan Republic. The ministry is headed by Aydin Aliyev.[1]


Baku Customs Office was originally created in 1809 as a part of Astrakhan Customs District within the Russian Empire. On July 31, 1831 it was transferred to the Transcaucasian Customs District and in 1832 it was renamed to Baku Warehouse Customs. On May 4, 1847 the agency was transformed into Baku Quaranteen Customs Department. On December 8, 1897 according to a new law, the department was transformed into Baku Customs Department again and transferred to Tbilisi Caucasus Customs District on June 1, 1911. From 1918 until 1920, the committee functioned within the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. After establishment of the Soviet rule in Azerbaijan, the committee was restructured in 1929, 1946 and 1955. On January 27, 1989, according to the decree No. 17 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR, Customs Office of Azerbaijan Republic was created and Astara and Julfa check points were transferred under its jurisdiction.[2] The committee was re-established as a governmental agency of Azerbaijan Republic on January 30, 1992 after the breakup of the Soviet Union and restoration of independence of Azerbaijan. Establishment of the committee helped accelerate the commodity turnover in the country and eased the import-export procedures. Over 20 customs chapters and 50 customs check points were set up in Azerbaijan. It was effective in prevention of smuggling of illegal items and good through the state borders.[3]


The committee is headed by its chairman. The main functions of the committee are enforcing the customs policy of and preparing the development program for customs activity in the Republic of Azerbaijan; preparation of economic programs and licensing of goods and commodities passing through customs check points; collection of taxes and tariffs on goods passing through the border; issuance of certificates; arranging registration of cargo and transport; participation in the development and implementation of state policies for effective utilization and protection of natural reserves in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea; assisting law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan in combating international terrorism and drug trafficking; provision of statistical data on foreign trade customs and special customs bodies of Azerbaijan; undertaking measures for protection of rights and interests of individuals and legal enterprises while carrying out the customs activities; participation in activities of international customs organizations; arranging scientific researches in the customs sector.[4]

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