State Fair Community College

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State Fair Community College
State Fair Community College (logo).png
SFCC logo
Type Community College
Established 1966
President Dr. Joanna Anderson[1]
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 4,800
Location Sedalia, Missouri, USA
38°41′49″N 93°16′06″W / 38.69698°N 93.26831°W / 38.69698; -93.26831
Mascot Roadrunner

State Fair Community College is a two-year institution of higher learning located in Sedalia, Missouri, adjacent to the Missouri State Fairgrounds. In addition to the Sedalia campus, there are extended campus locations in Boonville, Lake of the Ozarks, Clinton, Warsaw, and Whiteman AFB.[2] Dr. Joanna Anderson serves as the current president of SFCC.


State Fair Community College is part of the Junior College District of Sedalia, which was established on April 5, 1966, to serve 14 counties in west central Missouri.[3] However, due to a lawsuit regarding the legality of community college districts in Missouri, that was not resolved until 1967 by the Missouri Supreme Court, the college's opening was delayed until Sept. 16, 1968.[4] The college's name was selected by President Fred Davis and the Board of Trustees from names submitted by local residents to the board, with the winner being a submission from a local area high school student.

Presidents of the college have been Fred Davis (1925-2013; president, 1967-1984), Dr. Marvin Fielding (president, 1984-1997), Dr. Stephen Poort (president, 1997-2003), Dr. Marsha Drennon (president, 2003-2013), and current president Dr. Joanna Anderson, who began her term on July 1, 2013.

Aerial photo of the campus

Over the years SFCC has added new programs such as Engineering, Sustainable Agriculture, Renewable Energy in Biomass, Wind, and Solar energy, online courses, and dual-credit courses at 28 high school locations.[5][6] Additionally, SFCC has residence halls at the Sedalia campusdormitories to better serve students.

The college has received ongoing accreditation by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. In spring 2005 SFCC was admitted as an Academic Quality Improvement Program institution by HLC/NCA. Today the college offers more than 30 programs.

The Daum[edit]

The college's campus is home to the The Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, which was constructed in 2002 to house the collection of local investor Harold F. Daum.[7] The museum is noted as being part of a mini-boom of local art museums being constructed in Missouri.[8] The museum cost approximately 2.6 million dollars and has 12,000 square feet (1,115 m2) of exhibition space designed by Brian Smith.[7]


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