State Games of America

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State Games of America
First event1999
Occur everyBiennial

The State Games of America is a biennial amateur multi-sport event held in North America. It is organized by the National Congress of State Games.[1] Athletes qualify for the Games by earning a medal in their respective State Games in the previous two years.[2] Typically, over 12,000 athletes compete in the Games each time they are held.[3]


Year Host City
1999 St. Louis, Missouri
2001 St. Louis, Missouri
2003 Hartford, Connecticut
2005 Colorado Springs, Colorado
2007 Colorado Springs, Colorado
2009 Colorado Springs, Colorado[4]
2011 San Diego, California
2013 Hershey, Pennsylvania[5]
2015 Lincoln, Nebraska[6]
2017 Grand Rapids, Michigan[7]
2019 Lynchburg, Virginia
2021 Ames, Iowa

Sports contested[edit]

In 2011, athletes participated in 24 different sports in San Diego, California:[8]


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