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US Highway 59 marker

US Highway 59
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length 612.169 mi[1] (985.191 km)
Existed 1935 – present
Major junctions
West end Mexico–US border in Laredo
North end US 59 / US 71 in Texarkana, AR
Counties Webb, Duval, McMullan, Live Oak, Bee, Goliad, Victoria, Jackson, Wharton, Fort Bend, Harris, Montgomery, Liberty, San Jacinto, Polk, Angelina, Nacogdoches, Rusk, Shelby, Panola, Harrison, Marion, Cass, Bowie
Highway system
SH 58 SH 59
US 59 in Houston looking east
US 59, connects Texarkana to Laredo. It is also known as the Lloyd M. Bentsen Highway in honor of the late Democratic U.S. senator from Texas, who served from 1971–1992. This sign is located near Freer, the seat of Duval County east of Laredo.

U.S. Highway 59 (US 59) in the U.S. state of Texas is named the Lloyd Bentsen Highway, after Lloyd Bentsen, former U.S. senator from Texas. In northern Houston, US 59, co-signed with Interstate 69 (I-69), is the Eastex Freeway (from Downtown Houston to the Liberty County/Montgomery County line). To the south, which is also co-signed with I-69, it is the Southwest Freeway (from Rosenberg to Downtown Houston). The stretch of the Southwest Freeway just west of The Loop was formerly one of the busiest freeways in North America, with a peak AADT of 371,000 in 1998.[2]

US 59 (overlapped by US 71) actually straddles the border between Texas and Arkansas north of I-30 near Texarkana, with the east side of the highway on the Arkansas side and the west side of the highway on the Texas side. In the past, both highways remained on the border past I-30 as State Line Avenue to downtown Texarkana; today, only US 71 does so. Nearly 90 percent of this route is designated to become part of I-69 in the future. Currently 75-mile-per-hour (121 km/h) speed limits are allowed on US 59 in Duval County and portions of northern Polk County.

The total length of the southernmost segment of US 59 that passes through Texas and terminates at the Mexico–US border is 615 miles (990 km).


The US 96 designation was originally applied in 1926 from Rosenberg, Texas, near Houston, to Pharr in the Rio Grande valley. This diagonal route, south of U.S. 90, did not violate the convention of even numbers for east–west routes. The highway's east–west nature was boosted in 1934 when US 96 was rerouted from Alice to Laredo.

Route description[edit]

Laredo to Interstate 37[edit]

US 59 begins at the Mexico–US border with Loop 20 on the World Trade International Bridge over the Rio Grande in Laredo. The portion of US 59 that is co-signed with Loop 20 is also named the Bob Bullock Loop. At under 2 miles, the two highways run together concurrent with I-69W from the Mexico–US border until I-35 in Laredo, where I-69W temporarily ends. US 59 and Loop 20 continue to run together until just south of Lake Casa Blanca, where Loop 20 heads south to Mangana-Hein Road and US 59 heads towards Freer; traveling in a mostly northeast direction. In Duval County, the speed limit on US 59 is 75 miles per hour, the highest speed limit on the highway. US 59 shares a short congruency with SH 44 in and around Freer. From Freer, US 59 passes through the southeastern part of McMullen County, but does not intersect any highways. The highway continues northeast, intersecting US 281 in George West, before intersecting I-37 about 55 miles north of Corpus Christi. Between Laredo and Interstate 37, US 59 passes through many rural areas and ranching sites.

Interstate 37 to Houston[edit]

From I-37, US 59 heads northeast passing through Beeville. US 59 bypasses Victoria to the south, and becomes a divided highway, and has a series of interchanges, until it becomes a freeway south of Houston in Rosenberg and resumes the designation of I-69. Between Houston and Victoria, US 59 passes through Edna, Ganado, El Campo, and Wharton. US 59 intersects many major Texas highways in Houston, including I-10 (which goes to San Antonio and Beaumont) and I-45 (which goes to Dallas and Galveston).

Houston to Marshall[edit]

Leaving Houston, US 59 intersects Beltway 8 again on the northside of town, passing by Bush Intercontinental Airport and heads into Humble. Between Houston and Livingston, most of US 59 is a limited-access freeway but the I-69 designation ends at the Montgomery-Liberty county line. US 59 passes through or bypasses the towns of Cleveland and Livingston. 46 miles north of Livingston, US 59 bypasses Lufkin, where it overlaps US 69. 10 miles north of Lufkin, US 59 bypasses Nacogdoches and heads in an almost entirely east-west direction. Drivers wishing to stay on US 59 must turn left in Tenaha, where the highway intersects US 96 and ends its overlap with US 84. US 59 passes through Carthage before intersecting I-20 south of Marshall.

Marshall to Texarkana[edit]

US 59 intersects US 80 in Marshall, where US 59 is known as East End Boulevard (due to the fact the highway runs on the east side of town, near the city limits). US 59 passes through Jefferson, 15 miles west of Caddo Lake. US 59 passes through the towns of Linden and Atlanta before arriving in Bowie County. US 59 intersects SH 93 south of Texarkana, the old highway through the city. Shortly after, I-369 designation with US 59 when the freeway intersects Spur 151, where US 59 becomes a freeway on the westside of the city. Before US 59 intersects I-30, and overlaps I-30 until exit 223B, at the state line, I-369 designation ends. After leaving I-30, US 59 joins US 71, where both highways run on the state line between Texas and Arkansas, where both highways continue north towards DeQueen, Arkansas.


Interstate 69
Location VictoriaTenaha

Interstate 69W
Location LaredoVictoria

Interstate 369
Location TenahaTexarkana

US 59 is in the process of being upgraded between Laredo & Victoria, to become I-69W, Between Victoria & Tenaha, as I-69, and Tenaha & Texarkana, I-369. Segments of I-69 are currently designated. I-69W runs between Mexico and I-35. I-69 runs through the Houston Metro, and a segment of I-369 exists on the west side of Texarkana. The entire I-69 project in Texas does not have a completion date.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Exit Destinations Notes
Webb Laredo World Trade Bridge over Rio Grande
west end of I-69W / Loop 20 overlap
FM 1472 (Mines Road) – Laredo Colombia Solidarity Bridge interchange
I-35 / US 83 – San Antonio, Laredo east end of I-69W overlap; I-35 exit 8

Bus. US 59 west (Saunders Street) / Loop 20 south (Bob Bullock Loop) to I-35
interchange; east end of Loop 20 overlap
FM 2895 south – Aguilares
FM 2050 south – Bruni
Duval SH 44 west – Encinal south end of SH 44 overlap
Freer SH 16 – Tilden, Hebbronville, Falfurrias
SH 44 east – San Diego north end of SH 44 overlap
FM 2359 west to SH 16
No major junctions
Live Oak FM 624 to SH 16 – Orange Grove
FM 1359 south
FM 3336 west
George West
US 281 / Bus. US 59 north

Bus. US 59 south – George West
Future I-69C South
FM 799 east south end of FM 799 overlap
FM 799 west north end of FM 799 overlap
Goynes Junction I-37 – San Antonio, Corpus Christi I-37 exit 56
FM 1596 north
Bee FM 796 south – Tynan
FM 1349 south
Beeville FM 351 (truck route)
FM 673 north (Minnesota Street)

Bus. US 181 / SH 202 east (Washington Street)
US 181 (truck route) – San Antonio, Corpus Christi interchange
Goliad Berclair FM 883 west – Goliad County Airport
San Antonio
River Valley
Historic District
FM 1351 west – Goliad County Airport
SH 239 west – Charco, Kenedy south end of SH 239 overlap
FM 1726 north
Alt. US 77 / US 183 / SH 239 east – Cuero, Refugio, Goliad State Historical Park, Presidio Labahia, General Zaragoza Birthplace
north end of SH 239 overlap
Fannin FM 2987 – Fannin interchange
US 77 north / Bus. US 59 north – Victoria
interchange; south end of US 77 overlap
FM 446

US 77 south / Bus. US 77 north – Refugio, Corpus Christi
interchange; north end of US 77 overlap
US 77 south (via Spur 91) – Refugio, Corpus Christi interchange (future I-69E south); southbound exit and northbound entrance
Victoria SH 185 – Victoria, Bloomington interchange
US 87 – Victoria, Port Lavaca interchange
Loop 463 / Burroughsville Road interchange
Bus. US 59 south / FM 1686 – Victoria, Telferner
Inez FM 444 – Inez interchange; south end of freeway
Jackson FM 234 north interchange
El Toro FM 234 – El Toro, Vanderbilt interchange
Edna Loop 521 – Edna interchange
SH 111 / FM 822 – Edna, Yoakum interchange
Loop 521 – Edna interchange
FM 530 – Cordele interchange; north end of freeway
Loop 522 – Ganado interchange
Ganado SH 172 / FM 710 – Ganado interchange
Loop 522 – Ganado interchange
Wharton Louise Loop 523 / FM 647 – Louise interchange; no northbound entrance
County Road 319 interchange
Loop 523 / FM 1160 – Louise interchange
Hillje Loop 524 / FM 441 – Hillje interchange

Bus. US 59 north – El Campo
El Campo FM 1163 interchange
SH 71 – El Campo, Palacios interchange
FM 1162 interchange

Bus. US 59 south / FM 960 – El Campo
Pierce Loop 526 – Pierce
Bus. US 59 north / FM 961 to SH 60 – Wharton, Bay City
FM 102 – Wharton, Eagle Lake interchange

Bus. US 59 / SH 60 – Hungerford, Wharton, Bay City
Hungerford FM 1161 – Spanish Camp interchange

Bus. US 59 south – Hungerford
southbound access only
Fort Bend Kendleton FM 2919 – Kendleton interchange; no northbound entrance
Loop 541 – Kendleton southbound exit only; to be closed
Doris Road proposed
95 FM 360 / Loop 540 – Needville interchange; no northbound exit
Beasley 96 Isleib Road interchange
Rosenberg 97 Loop 540 – Beasley southbound access only
99 Spur 10 (Slade Road) / Hartledge Road Interchange.
100 Spur 529 north at-grade intersection; south end of freeway; no northbound entrance; south end of I-69 overlap
see I-69
Liberty 169 I-69 south / US 59 south
Fostoria Road
Montgomery County / Liberty County line; Southbound exit to Fostoria Road, exit 167;
North end of Freeway; North end of I-69 overlap.
SH 105 – Conroe, Beaumont US 59 northbound exit is a left handed u-turn just north of the southbound exit;
Drivers must enter onto and cross over US 59 southbound lanes in order to take the southbound exit
Cleveland Loop 573 (Washington Avenue) interchange; south end of freeway

Bus. SH 105 – Cleveland, Conroe
FM 2025 – Coldspring
Loop 573 (Washington Avenue) interchange; north end of freeway
San Jacinto FM 2914 east to FM 3460 interchange under construction
Shepherd 453 Loop 424 / FM 3460 – Shepherd interchange; signed as exits 453A (on US 59 south) and 453B (on US 59 north)
451C Frontage Road Southbound exit only
451 SH 150 / FM 223 – Shepherd interchange; signed as exit 451B (on US 59 north); no exit number southbound
Loop 424 no left turn northbound
FM 1127 east
Polk Goodrich Loop 393 north
FM 1988 to FM 2665 interchange
Loop 393 south – Goodrich
Livingston 436A-B
Bus. US 59 north / FM 1988 south – Livingston, Woodville, Lake Livingston State Park
interchange; south end of freeway; signed as exits 436A (on US 59 south) and 436B (on US 59 north to US 59 Bus.); no exit number for US 59 north to FM 1988
Frontage Road signed as exits 434B (on US 59 south) and 436D (on US 59 north)
US 190 – Huntsville, Livingston
Frontage Road - Pedigo Park signed as exits 432B (on US 59 south) and 434D (on US 59 north), access to Memorial Medical Center

SH 146 south / Bus. US 59 south – Downtown Livingston
interchange; north end of freeway; no direct northbound exit (signed at exit 434D)
Loop 116 north
Leggett Loop 116 south
FM 942 north – Camden south end of FM 942 overlap
FM 942 south north end of FM 942 overlap
FM 62 east – Camden
Moscow Loop 117
FM 350
Corrigan FM 942 south
US 287 – Groveton, Woodville
FM 352 east (Stryker Road)
FM 1987 north – Damascus
FM 357 north / FM 1987 south – Wakefield, Damascus
Angelina Diboll Loop 210 (Thompson Street) / FM 1818 east (Dennis Street) – Zavalla
Loop 210 (North Hines Street)
FM 2497 north
FM 2108 east
FM 324 north
Lufkin FM 819 (College Drive) – Angelina College
391 FM 3482 (Whitehouse Drive) interchange; south end of freeway

Bus. US 59 north (South First Street) / Loop 287 west – Lufkin
south end of Loop 287 overlap; US 59 north follows exit 390; access to FM 1877, access to Woodland Heights Medical Center
Tulane Drive no direct northbound exit
FM 58 (Chestnut Street) interchange; north end of freeway
US 69 south (US 69 Bus. north) – Huntington, Woodville, Beaumont interchange; south end of US 69 overlap
FM 841 (Ford Chapel Road) interchange
FM 325 (Lufkin Avenue) interchange; no direct northbound exit (signed at FM 841)
SH 103 (Atkinson Drive) interchange

US 69 north / Loop 287 west / Bus. US 59 south – Lufkin
interchange; north end of US 69 / Loop 287 overlap; access to FM 2021 west and FM 3521 east; US 59 north follows exit 386B
FM 3439
Redland FM 2021
FM 843 west
Nacogdoches FM 2782 north
Bus. US 59 north / Loop 224 east – Downtown Nacogdoches
interchange; south end of Loop 224 overlap; US 59 south follows exit 59S
SH 7 – Crockett, Airport interchange
FM 225 (Durst Street) interchange
SH 21 (Douglass Road) interchange
FM 2609 north (Austin Street) northbound access only
FM 1638 (Old Tyler Road) / FM 3314 (Lone Star Road) interchange
Loop 224 east (Stallings Drive) / Westward Drive interchange; north end of Loop 224 overlap
FM 343 (Industrial Boulevard) interchange
US 259 north / Bus. US 59 south – Henderson, Nacogdoches, SFASU
FM 2864 north
Appleby FM 941 south
FM 2435 north
Fitze FM 2476 south
Garrison FM 95 south south end of FM 95 overlap
FM 138 east – Center
FM 95 north – Concord north end of FM 95 overlap
No major junctions
Shelby FM 2667 south – Blair
Timpson US 84 west – Rusk, Palestine south end of US 84 overlap
SH 87 south
FM 947 east
Spur 470 south
FM 1645 south
Tenaha FM 2141 south
FM 947 west (West Drive) south end of FM 947 overlap
FM 947 east (Main Street) north end of FM 947 overlap
Loop 157 (Center Street) – Center
US 84 east / US 96 south / I-69 north – Joaquin, Mansfield, Memphis interchange; north end of US 84 overlap. South End of Future I-369 overlap. US 84 to the east will be upgraded to I-69.
Loop 157 south (North Center Street)
Panola Shady Grove FM 999 west – Gary, Lake Murvaul
Pleasant Ridge FM 2517 – Deadwood

Bus. US 59 north (Shelby Street) / SH 149 west (Southwest Loop) to US 79 south – Henderson, Longview
Carthage FM 699 (Forsythe Street)
US 79 north (US 79 Bus. south) – Shreveport, Carthage interchange; south end of US 79 overlap

US 79 south / Bus. US 59 south – Henderson, Carthage, Panola College
interchange; north end of US 79 overlap
FM 124 west – Beckville
FM 2792 north
FM 1794 – Tatum
Harrison FM 1186 south
FM 2983 north
FM 2625 – Rosborough Springs, Crossroads
Marshall I-20 – Dallas, Shreveport I-20 exit 617
SH 43 south (East Pinecrest Drive) – Henderson, Panola College, Wiley College south end of SH 43 overlap
FM 31 south (East Travis Street) – Elysian Fields, Starr State Historical Park
US 80 (East Grand Avenue / Victory Drive)
SH 43 north (Karnack Highway) – Karnack, Caddo Lake, Caddo Lake State Park north end of SH 43 overlap
Loop 390 (Ernest F. Smith Parkway) to US 80 – Longview, Shreveport, East Texas Baptist University
FM 1793 north
Woodlawn FM 1997 south
Marion FM 2208 – Karnack, Jefferson Historical Riverfront District, Cypress River Airport
Jefferson SH 49 / FM 134 south (Broadway) – Daingerfield, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson Historical Riverfront District
FM 1324 west
Cass Pruitt FM 2683 east – Lodi
Linden SH 155 to SH 8 – New Boston, Gilmer
FM Spur 125 north (South Main Street)
FM 125 (Kildare Road) – Business District, Kildare
FM 1841 east – Bivins
SH 11 west (East Houston Street)
FM 2328 south south end of FM 2328 overlap
FM 2328 north – Laws Chapel north end of FM 2328 overlap
Atlanta SH 77 west – Naples south end of SH 77 overlap
SH 77 east (Pinecrest Drive) / FM 249 east (West Main Street) to SH 43 – Downtown Atlanta, Shreveport north end of SH 77 overlap
SH 43 south (Louise Street) – Downtown Atlanta
Queen City Loop 236 north / FM 2791 west (Hickory Street) – Antioch, Queen City, Bloomburg
FM 96 west (Lanark Street) – Wright Patman Lake South Shore, Atlanta State Park
Loop 236 south – Queen City
Lanark FM 2327 north – Springdale
FM 2327 south – Springdale
FM 3129 south interchange under construction
Bowie FM 2148 west – Wright Patman Lake North Shore
FM 3244 east
FM 2516 east (Buchanan Loop Road)
Eylau FM 989 (Kings Highway) – Wake Village, Nash
Texarkana SH 93 north (Lake Drive) / Loop 151 east (South Bishop Road) to I-30 east / US 71 / FM 3527 (Leopard Drive) – Downtown Texarkana, Little Rock, Shreveport interchange; south end of I-369 overlap. North End of Future I-369 overlap.
see I-369
I-30 west – Dallas north end of I-369 overlap; south end of I-30 overlap; US 59 south follows exit 220A
220B FM 559 (Richmond Road) / Pavilion Parkway
222 SH 93 / FM 1397 (Summerhill Road)
I-30 east / US 59 north / US 71 (State Line Avenue) – Little Rock, Ashdown Arkansas state line; north end of I-30 overlap; south end of US 71 overlap; US 59 north follows exit 223
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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