State House (Seychelles)

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For other uses, see Statehouse.
State House
State House Victoria Seychelles.jpg
State House in the early 1970s
Former names Government House
General information
Type official residence
Location Victoria, Mahé
Country Seychelles
Coordinates 4°37′28″S 55°27′04″E / 4.6244°S 55.4512°E / -4.6244; 55.4512
Current tenants President of the Seychelles
Inaugurated 1910
Owner Government of the Seychelles
Design and construction
Architect William Marshall Vaudin

State House is the official residence of the President of the Seychelles.

The State House was designed and built in 1910, when Seychelles was still a British colony. Then known as the "Government House", it was the residence of the Governor General, beginning with Sir Walter Davidson in 1912. Typical of the colonial architecture aesthetic of the time and place, it features a two-storied portico ornamented with white pillars.

State House remains as the official residence of the President of the Seychelles. The building is used as the office of the President, and in theory can be used as the President's residential home (though current President James Michel does not live at State House). The building is also used for diplomatic functions and state investitures. The building has also been classified as a national monument.

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