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The State Library of Louisiana is Louisiana's state-operated library, located in Baton Rouge.[1]


The first state library[edit]

The current state library was not the first one the state ever had. The Louisiana State Library became a state library in 1838. It was originally located in New Orleans, which had been the state capital at the time. In 1849 the capital was changed to Baton Rouge, and the library was moved there.[2] During the Civil War the library was moved back to New Orleans to protect the collection, but only part of the collection was taken. Many of the materials that remained behind were lost or destroyed.[2]

It was negatively affected by the Civil War due to decreased funds. The lack of funding lasted long after the war had ended, which greatly impaired collection development.[2] The library remained in New Orleans until 1904. After years of neglect, the library was closed in 1911. The Law Library Society, which later became the Louisiana Law Library, added the collection to their own.[2]

The current state library[edit]

The state created the Louisiana Library Commission in 1920, which aided the development of libraries. In 1925, the commission and the Carnegie Corporation developed plans to establish libraries throughout the state.[3] The State Library of Louisiana opened on November 1, 1925. in Baton Rouge.[4] It was housed in the building on North 3rd Street which had been vacated by the Hill Memorial Library after Louisiana State University removed to a new campus south of town in 1926. It was moved again in 1932 when the new state capitol building opened and was relocated there.[4]

State librarians[edit]

  1. Essae Martha Culver (1925-1968)[5]
  2. Sallie Farrell (1968-1981)[6]
  3. Thomas Jaques (1981-2005)[6][7]
  4. Rebecca Hamilton (2005-)[7]


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