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State Mutual Insurance Company is a mutual insurance company located in Rome, Georgia, USA, and currently[when?] specializing in the sale of Medicare supplement insurance.


In 1937, six prominent figures from Rome made a plan to provide a source of employment and income for the people of the town during the Great Depression. 113 citizens of Rome were granted temporary licenses to act as insurance agents.[1] Titled the "Million Dollar Campaign", their goal was to sell $1,000,000 worth of insurance policies in order to save a company and the jobs held there. In three weeks, the 113 new agents sold $1,431,000 of new life insurance policies. These new policies and those that were managed by the state insurance commissioner were combined to form the State Mutual Insurance Company.[2]

Corporate structure[edit]

State Mutual Insurance is a mutual insurance company, so it is owned by its policyholders, not stockholders. Company decisions are made on behalf of the policyholders. State Mutual Insurance conducts business in 41 states including the District of Columbia.

When State Mutual Insurance Company was formed, it was originally chartered under Florida law because, at the time, there were no legal provisions in Georgia to accommodate a company without stockholders. In 1982, the company was re-chartered in Georgia.

Company growth[edit]

During the 1980s, State Mutual absorbed six other life insurance companies and maintained policyholders and agents in over 30 states. State Mutual also purchased a savings and loan association, which was refurbished and then sold.

In the 1990s, State Mutual Insurance Company shifted its market to seniors. Life insurance and Medicare supplement products were developed with competitive rates. By the early part of the 21st century, State Mutual had over 1,000,000 Medicare supplement policyholders.[3]

In 2010, State Mutual developed a secure, Internet-based application system for obtaining a Medicare supplement plan. Customers can request completely anonymous and secure quotes online, submit applications, and receive proof of their policies immediately.

State Mutual Insurance Company maintains its office in historic downtown Rome, just a few blocks away from its original 1936 location. A plaque hangs in its Rome office, celebrating its founding and states, "What Rome builds, builds Rome," and lists the 113 names of those involved in the Million Dollar Campaign.

Founding members[edit]

B.F. Archer
F. L Baker, Jr.
W. F. Barron
E. W. Best
W. B. Broach
Macon A. Brock
J. F. Brooks
Harry V. Burks
G. C. Byars
Geo P. Byrd
E. L. Cantrell
T. E. Clemmons
Harold Clotfelter
Emmett Cole
Andrew J. Cothran
W. S. Cothran
Leon Covington
John H. Daniel
Mather D. Daniel, Jr.
Sam Davis, Jr.
Jas. F. Dejournette
Frank J. Dodd

Tom M. Driskill
Van P. Enloe, Jr.
B.S. Fahy
Wyatt H. Foster
T. R. Frazer
Geston Garner
R. M. Gibson
Hugh Given
Jas. T. Glover
John M. Graham
John Meredith Graham, Jr.
S.L. Graham
Elmer P. Grant
Wallace Grant
Carl Griffin
Leo F. Hackett
Wilson M. Hardy
W. B. Hale
S. C. Hall
A. B. Hammond
C. B. Harle
G. A. H. Harris

Edward W. Hine
E. E. Holder
W. S. Horan
Fritz Horton
U. N. Howell
Harold F. Hunter
Marshall Jackson
C. T. Jervis
Horace C. Johnson
Sam Jones
H. F. Joyner
WM. C. Kane
James F. Kelly
Luke Lamb
Henderson L. Lanham
Robt. C. Maddox
J. Fred Malone
Frank Mann
Stewart A. Marshall, Jr.
C. F. McAllister
C. A. Milhollin
Hugh Morgan

Chas. R. Morris
Luther R. Moss
John G. Nelms
Fred Noble
S. V. O'Lenic
Joe A. Palmer
Chastine Parker
Clyde Perry
Will A. Patton
Happy Quarles
B. F. Quigg
John Redmond
Jack Robinson
D. R. Roser
Freeman E. Self
Hoyt M. Sessions
Denny E. Sharp
J. J. Skelton
T. S. Sloan
Dr. Geo. B. Smith
Theo. T. Smith
Bunyan Stephens

Fred Stivers
Casper I. Stock
J. L. Storey
R. O. Storey
Will Tarpley
J. C. Tedford
Leonard G. Todd
W. M. Towers
L. M. Vandiver
Geo. T. Watts
Clyde Wilcox
Charles Wilkerson
R. G. Wilkerson
O. P. Willingham
Tom Willingham
W. E. Wimberly
John H. Wood
Graham Wright
W. G. Wright
C. J. Wyatt
R. M. Wyatt
Hamilton Yancey

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