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State Route 13 primary marker State Route 13 secondary marker

State Route 13
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length: 153.01 mi (246.25 km)
Major junctions
South end: SR 17 at the Alabama state line

Natchez Trace Parkway in Collinwood
US 64 / SR 15 in Waynesboro
SR 48 east of Flatwoods
SR 128 south of Linden
US 412 / SR 20 / SR 100 in Linden
I-40 (Exit 143) in Hurricane Mills
US 70 / SR 1 in Waverly
SR 49 in Erin
SR 48 in Cunningham
SR 149 south of Clarksville

US 41A Byp. / SR 12 in Clarksville
US 41A / US 79 / SR 76 in Clarksville
SR 374 in Clarksville

I-24 (Exit 4) in Clarksville
North end: US 79 at the Kentucky State Line
Counties: Wayne, Perry, Humphreys, Houston, Montgomery
Highway system
SR 12 SR 14

State Route 13, in the United States, is a south–north route from the Alabama border at Wayne County, Tennessee to the Kentucky border in Montgomery County. The entire route is located in western Middle Tennessee.[1]

Route description[edit]

SR 13 begins at the Alabama state line in Wayne County just south of Fairview. It then goes north through Fairview and has an intersection and short concurrency with SR 227 before continuing north, crossing under, and paralleling the Natchez Trace Parkway for a few miles to Collinwood, where it intersects with SR 203. It then goes through downtown and has an interchange with the Natchez Trace before finally leaving it and continuing north. SR 13 goes through some rural mountains and farmland before entering Waynesboro. It goes through downtown, passing by the Wayne County Courthouse, before having an interchange with US 64 / SR 15 before leaving Waynesboro and continuing north. It then goes through more before curving through some mountains and intersecting SR 228. It then exits these mountains and crosses a narrow valley, where it has a crossing of the Buffalo River, before intersecting SR 48 and returning to the mountains and crosses into Perry County. SR 13 then heads northeast and has another Buffalo river crossing, this time over a very tall bridge, before turning north again. It then intersects SR 128 before entering Linden. In Linden, it intersects with US 412 / SR 100 / SR 20, while bypassing downtown to the east. It then leaves Linden and continues north. SR 13 then intersects and has a short concurrency with SR 438 before paralleling the Buffalo River and entering Lobelville. It passes through Lobelville and continues north, still paralleling and also crossing the Buffalo River before crossing into Humphreys County. SR 13 then enters Hurricane Mills and has an interchange with I-40, at Exit 143. It then passes by downtown and Loretta Lynn's home and ranch. It then leaves Hurricane Mills and continues north. SR 13 intersects with SR 230 before entering Waverly and having an intersection SR 13 Spur, a connector to US 70/SR 1 at Waverly. From Waverly, SR 13 continues north to cross into Houston County. It then intersects with SR 231 before entering Erin and has an intersection with SR 49, just east of its intersection with SR 149. SR 13 then turns east and has an intersection with SR 46 just south of Cumberland City before entering Montgomery County. It then passes south of Oak Ridge and intersects SR 235 before entering Cunningham where it intersects and becomes concurrent with SR 48. SR 13/SR 48 then leaves Cunningham and continues north to intersect with SR 149 before crossing the Cumberland River and entering Clarksville. In Clarksville, it becomes concurrent to US 41A Bypass/SR 12. They then start going up the west side of the city, SR 48 separates and turns east, while US 41A Bypass/SR 12/SR 13 continues north to an intersection with US 41A/US 79/SR 76, where SR 13 leaves the bypass and heads east with US 79 and has another short concurrency with SR 48 before having an interchange with SR 374 (101st Airbourne Division Parkway). US 79/SR 13 then go northeast and have an interchange with I-24 at Exit 4 before coming to the Kentucky state line, where US 79 crosses into Kentucky and SR 13 ends.

Special routes of SR 13[edit]

Tennessee State Route 13 Spur[edit]

State Route 13 Spur
Location: Waverly, Humphreys County
Length: 0.50 mi (0.80 km)

State Route 13 Spur Route (SR 13 Spur) is a truck route in downtown Waverly, in Humphreys County. With a total length of 0.5 miles (0.80 km), the route includes portions of the following streets:

  • East Main Street (from SR 13 to Cooley Avenue), and
  • North Cooley Avenue (from Main Street to US 70/SR 1).

Major Intersections[edit]

SR 17 at the Alabama state line just south of Fairview (Chisholm Road; southern terminus; south to Zip City, AL and Florence, AL)
SR 227 in Fairview (Iron City Road; southern end of SR 227 concurrency; east to Iron City)
SR 227 in Fairview (Pumping Station Road; northern end of SR 227 concurrency; west to Cypress Inn and the Natchez Trace Parkway)
SR 203 just south of Collinwood (Bear Creek Road; eastern terminus of SR 203; west to Lutts, Olivet, and Savannah)
Natchez Trace Parkway in Collinwood (Interchange)
US 64 / SR 15 in Waynesboro (Veteran Memorial Parkway; Interchange; west to Savannah and east to Lawrenceburg)
SR 228 north of Waynesboro (Smith Branch Road; eastern terminus of SR 228; west to Leatherwood and Clifton)
SR 48 north of Waynesboro (Waynesboro Highway; southern terminus of SR 48; north to Hohenwald)
SR 128 just south Linden (Clifton Road; northern terminus of SR 128; south to Clifton and Savannah)
US 412 / SR 20 / SR 100 in Linden (Highway 100; east to Hohenwald and Centerville and west to Parsons and Decaturville)
SR 438 in Beardstown (Highway 438; southern end SR 438 concurrency; west to Coble and SR 50)
SR 438 just south of Lobelville (Toms Creek Road; northern end of SR 438 concurrency; east to Pine View and Parsons)
I-40 in Hurricane Mills (Exit 143; east to Nashville and west to Jackson)
SR 230 south of Waverly (Bold Spring Road; western terminus of SR 230; east to I-40 and Nunnelly)
SR 13 Spur (East Main Street) to US 70 / SR 1 in Waverly (US Highway 70; east to McEwen and west to Denver, New Jonsonville, and Camden)
SR 231 south of Erin (McEwen Road; northern terminus of SR 231; south to McEwen)
SR 49 in Erin (Main Street; west to SR 149 and Dover and east to Vanleer and Charlotte)
SR 46 south of Cumberland City (Guices Creek Road/Cumberland City Road; north to Cumberland City and south to Dickson)
SR 48 in Cunningham (Highway 48; southern end of SR 48 concurrency; south to Cumberland Furnace and Charlotte)
SR 149 south of Clarksville (Highway 149; eastern terminus of SR 149; west to Palmyra and Cumberland City)

US 41A Byp. / SR 12 in Clarksville (South Riverside Drive; southern end of US 41A Bypass/SR 12 concurrency; south to US 41A and Ashland City)
SR 48 in Clarksville (College Street; northern end of SR 48 concurrency; north to downtown and Kentucky)

US 41A Byp. / US 41A / US 79 / SR 12 / SR 76 in Clarksville (Providence Boulevard/North 2nd Street/Craft Street; northern end of US 41A Bypass/SR 12 concurrency; southern end of unsigned US 79 concurrency; US 41A/SR 76 south to downtown; US 41A/SR 12 north to Kentucky; US 79/SR 76 south to Dover)
SR 48 in Clarksville (College Street; southern end of SR 48 concurrency; south to downtown)
SR 48 in Clarksville (Trenton Road; northern end of SR 48 concurrency; north to Kentucky)
SR 374 in Clarksville (101st Airborne Division Parkway; Interchange; beltway around the northern and eastern sides of Clarksville)
I-24 in Clarksville (Exit 4; west to Paducah, KY and east to Nashville)
US 79 at the Kentucky state line near Guthrie, KY (Russellville Road; northern terminus; northern end of unsigned US 79 concurrency; north to Guthrie, KY and Russellville, KY)

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