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U.S. Route 431 marker

U.S. Route 431
State Route 1
Route information
Maintained by ALDOT
Length: 352.958 mi[1] (568.031 km)
Existed: 1954[citation needed] – present
Major junctions
South end:
US-231 / US-231 Bus. / US-431 Bus. / SR-1 / SR-210 in Dothan
  US-29 in Opelika
US-78 in Oxford
US-72 in Huntsville
North end: US 231 / US 431 towards Fayetteville, TN
Counties: Houston, Henry, Barbour, Russell, Lee, Chambers, Randolph, Cleburne, Calhoun, Etowah, Marshall, Madison
Highway system
  • Alabama State Routes
US-411 I‑459
SR-959 SR-1 SR-2

U.S. Highway 431 (US-431), internally designated by the Alabama Department of Transportation as State Route 1 (SR-1), is a major north–south state highway across the eastern part of the U.S. state of Alabama. Although US-431's south end is in Dothan, SR-1 continues south for about 13 miles (21 km) along US-231 to the Florida state line.

Route description[edit]

Map of Dothan

State Route 1 is primarily the unsigned partner route assigned to U.S. Highway 431. The two routes are co-aligned from the southern terminus of US-431 at Dothan to the Tennessee state line. South of Dothan, State Route 1 is assigned to U.S. Highway 231. The two highways run north from Dothan through the Wiregrass region of southeastern Alabama through the towns of Headland and Abbeville en route to Eufaula, where it intersects U.S. Route 82. North of Eufaula, en route to Phenix City, the highway encounters some of the most sparsely populated parts of the state, only passing near the unincorporated communities of Pittsview, Glenville, and Seale in the 46 mile (74 km) drive between the two cities. In Phenix City, the highway junctions with U.S. Route 280 and U.S. Route 80. North of Phenix City, en route to Opelika, US 431 and US 280 join together for a concurrency, passing through the cities of Smiths Station and Salem on the way into Opelika. In Opelika, the two highways cross Interstate 85 and split in Opelika; US 431 continuing northeastward and US 280 northwestward. North of Opelika, the highway encounters rural terrain again, passing through the cities of LaFayette, Roanoke, and Wedowee en route to Anniston. In Oxford, just south of Anniston, the highway crosses Interstate 20 and goes through Anniston, northward into Gadsden, where it crosses Interstate 59 and continues northwestward, passing through Guntersville en route to Huntsville. In Huntsville, US-231 and US-431 (Governors Drive) junction again as Memorial Parkway, and State Route 1 is partnered with both U.S. Highways until they cross into Tennessee.

From its point of origin in Houston County, State Route 1 is aligned very close to the Alabama-Georgia border, coming within less than one mile (1.6 km) of the border at both Eufaula and Phenix City. At Phenix City, US-431 and unsigned State Route 1 begin a concurrency with U.S. Highway 280 and unsigned State Route 38 and turn to the northwest. At Opelika, US-431 and State Route 1 divert from US-280 and resume their northward orientation.

East of Oxford, State Route 1 and US-431 merge with westbound U.S. Highway 78 and unsigned State Route 4. At Oxford, State Route 1 and US-431 begin a gradual northwestward trajectory, passing through Anniston, Gadsden and Guntersville. The two routes resume their northward orientation upon merging with U.S. Highway 231 at Huntsville.

The portion through Oxford and Anniston is currently routed via Quintard Avenue, which constitutes the major north-south business and local route through these cities. It is a congested route with many traffic signals and no room for widening. It is intended that the route will eventually be shifted to Veterans Memorial Parkway when that road is completed in 2015; this will take the through traffic off of Quintard Avenue.[2]

Four lane routing[edit]

One of the criticisms of US-431 in its entirety from Kentucky to Alabama was that it was mainly a two lane road. ALDOT has prioritized four laning the route in Alabama as a viable north–south road corridor in the eastern part of the state.

Of particular concern was the segment from Seale south to the Barbour County line, where rolling hills along the original alignment limit the visibility of oncoming traffic, contributing to poor decisions by motorists to pass, resulting in numerous head on collisions. In this segment alone, 31 people were killed in crashes between 1992 and 2006, leading Readers Digest to proclaim it one of "America's Deadliest Highways" in 2000.[3] After being contacted by and subsequently meeting the family of a fatal crash victim in 2003, ALDOT Director Joe McInnes decided to expedite the construction on the last remaining stretch of two lane road between Seale and the Barbour County line.[4] This 16 mile section was completed and opened in late 2010. The old alignment in Russell County is still open to traffic and is now labeled County Route 137.

Traveling south from Tennessee, as of mid-2009, US-431 is a four lane route to Oxford, Alabama. Then it reverts to a two-lane highway southward to Opelika, Alabama with a brief four lane stretch just south of Wedowee, Alabama. From Opelika southward to its southern terminus in Dothan, Alabama, US-431 is now open as a four-lane highway. with the exception of a short stretch as a low speed divided avenue through the historic district of Eufaula, Alabama.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Houston   0.0 0.0 Florida state line Southern terminus
  7.520 12.102 SR-109 SR-109 northern terminus
Dothan 13.264 21.346 SR-210
14.654 23.583 US-231 / SR-53 Begin concurrency with US-231
15.674 25.225 US-84 / SR-12 / SR-52
16.588 26.696 US-231 / SR-53 End concurrency with US-231
17.838 28.707 SR-210
Henry Headland 25.754 41.447 SR-134
26.270 42.277 SR-173 SR-173 southern terminus
Abbeville 39.748 63.968 SR-27
42.396 68.230 SR-10
Barbour   59.970 96.512 SR-95 SR-95 northern terminus
Eufaula 61.908 99.631 SR-131 SR-131 northern terminus
64.058 103.091 SR-30 SR-30 eastern terminus
66.823 107.541 US-82 / SR-6 Begin concurrency with US-82
68.307 109.929 US-82 / SR-6 End concurrency with US-82
  74.949 120.619 SR-165 SR-165 southern terminus
Russell Seale 96.895 155.937 SR-26 SR-26 eastern terminus
99.105 159.494 SR-169 SR-169 southern terminus
  109.155 175.668 SR-165 SR-165 northern terminus
Phenix City 112.081 180.377 US-280 / SR-38 Begin concurrency with US-280
113.942 183.372 US-80 / SR-8 Begin concurrency with US-80
114.888 184.894 US-80 / SR-8 End concurrency with US-80
Lee Opelika 137.253 220.887 I‑85 / US-29 / US-280 / SR-38 End concurrency with US-280; I-85 Exit 62
Chambers Waverly 149.840 241.144 SR-147 SR-147 northern terminus
Lafayette 158.859 255.659 SR-50
160.794 258.773 SR-77 SR-77 southern terminus
Randolph Roanoke 180.783 290.942 SR-22
Wedowee 194.437 312.916 SR-48
Cleburne Hollis Crossroads 212.540 342.050 SR-9
  217.805 350.523 SR-281
Calhoun Oxford 221.328 356.193 I‑20 I-20 Exit 191
221.756 356.882 US-78 / SR-4 Begin concurrency with US-78
228.046 367.004 US-78 / SR-4 / SR-21 End concurrency with US-78; Begin concurrency with SR-21
Anniston 231.153 372.005 SR-202 SR-202 eastern terminus
234.025 376.627 SR-21 End concurrency with SR-21
Alexandria 242.035 389.518 SR-144 SR-144 eastern terminus
  247.070 397.621 SR-204 SR-204 western terminus
Etowah Gadsden 258.458 415.948 US-278 / SR-74 Begin concurrency with US-278
260.232 418.803 SR-291 SR-291 northern terminus
260.519 419.265 US-411 / SR-25
261.994 421.638 SR-211 SR-211 southern terminus
265.274 426.917 I‑59 I-59 Exit 183
Attalla 266.117 428.274 US-11 / SR-7 Begin concurrency with US-11
266.449 428.808 US-11 / SR-7 End concurrency with US-11
268.363 431.888 US-278 / SR-74 End concurrency with US-278
268.829 432.638 SR-77 SR-77 northern terminus
Sardis City 277.880 447.205 SR-205 SR-205 southern terminus
Marshall Boaz 280.544 451.492 SR-168
Albertville 286.741 461.465 SR-75
Guntersville 292.423 470.609 SR-205 SR-205 northern terminus
294.742 474.341 SR-79 Begin concurrency with SR-79
295.822 476.079 SR-69 SR-69 northern terminus
296.190 476.672 SR-227 SR-227 northern terminus
302.114 486.205 SR-79 End concurrency with SR-79
Madison Huntsville 333.702 537.041 US-231 / SR-53 Begin Northern concurrency with US-231
334.700 538.647 I‑565
335.207 539.463 US-72 / SR-2 / University Drive Begin concurrency with US-72
336.884 542.162 US-72 / SR-2 End concurrency with US-72
Hazel Green 352.958 568.031 Tennessee State Line Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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