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State Route 60 primary marker State Route 60 secondary marker

State Route 60
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length: 54.04 mi (86.97 km)
Major junctions
South end: SR 71 at the Georgia State Line

US 64 / US 74 in Cleveland
US 11 / SR 74 in Cleveland

I-75 in Cleveland
SR 58 in Georgetown
North end: US 27 / SR 378 in Dayton
Counties: Bradley, Hamilton, Meigs, Rhea
Highway system
SR 59 US 61

State Route 60 is a north-south major state route in Eastern Tennessee. It covers 54 miles (87 km) and runs from the Tennessee-Georgia state line in Bradley County, Tennessee to Dayton joining US 27.

Route description[edit]

SR-60 begins at the Georgia border in Bradley County, heading north on two-lane Dalton Pike, a primary state route. At the state line, the route continues into Georgia as SR 71. From the border, SR-60 passes a mix of hilly farmland and woodland as it reaches a junction with SR-317. The route continues through the agricultural valley, passing a few homes. Continuing northeast, the road enters Cleveland and passes residential development as it turns to the north. SR-60 heads into commercial areas and interchanges with APD-40 (US-64 Bypass/US-74, SR-311). The road becomes a secondary route and heads northwest into residential areas, turning north into business areas. The route intersects SR-74 and turns southeast to form a concurrency with that route on Spring Place Road SE. SR-74 continues north at this intersection along Wildwood Avenue SE. The two routes pass through a mix of homes and businesses, reaching an interchange with APD-40.[1][2]

At this point, SR-60 splits from SR-74 by heading north along APD-40 on a four-lane divided highway, becoming a primary route again. The road passes through wooded areas near some residential development, bypassing Cleveland to the east. Upon reaching a cloverleaf interchange with US-64/US-74 (SR-40), US-64 Bypass terminates and SR-60 continues north as a freeway. The route comes to an interchange with Benton Pike before coming to the Overhead Bridge Road exit, at which point the freeway widens to six lanes, influenced by the exit ramps at each end of a long bridge. SR-60 passes over a Norfolk Southern railroad line and interchanges with 20th Street NE, making a turn to the northwest and narrowing back to four lanes. The road passes some woods and farms before entering developed areas of homes and businesses as it becomes a surface road again. SR-60 comes to intersections with US-11 (SR-74) and US-11 Bypass (SR-2) in this area, becoming 25th Street. The road passes through a patch of woods before passing more commercial establishments as it comes to the I-75 interchange.[1][2]

At this point, SR-60 turns north and becomes Georgetown Road, a secondary route that passes through residential areas, where it narrows into a two-lane undivided road. The route leaves Cleveland and heads into a mix of farmland and woodland before passing near more residential and commercial areas as it comes to the SR-306 junction. Following this, the road continues northwest through forested areas with some farm fields and residences. SR-60 continues into more agricultural areas before it becomes the border between Meigs County to the northeast and Hamilton County to the southwest. The route passes through Georgetown, where it passes a few residences and businesses. A short distance past Georgetown, SR-60 passes through more rural areas as an unnamed road and comes to a junction with SR-58. The road passes through more agricultural and wooded areas, turning to the north and entering more forested surroundings. After a turn to the northwest, the route continues through wooded areas with a few farm fields fully within Hamilton County, reaching an intersection with SR-312. At this point, SR-60 turns north again and passes through the residential community of Birchwood. From here, the road becomes Hiwassee Highway and curves northwest into farmland with some woods and homes, crossing into Meigs County. Upon crossing the Tennessee River, SR-60 enters Rhea County and turns north into forested areas with a few farms. The road continues to wind through rural areas with some residential development before SR-60 reaches its northern terminus at US-27 (SR-29).[1][2]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Bradley 0.00 0.00 SR 71 south (Cleveland Road) – Dalton Georgia border; begins as a primary route
SR 317 west (Weatherley Switch Road SE)
US 64 Byp. west / US 74 west (SR 311 west)
South end of freeway section
SR 74 (Spring Place Road SE)
US 64 / US 74 east (SR 40 / Waterlevel Highway) – Cleveland, Ocoee North end of US 64 Byp./US 74 overlap
Benton Pike
Overhead Bridge Road
20th Street
North end of freeway section
US 11 (SR 74 / North Ocoee Street) – Downtown Cleveland, Athens

US 11 Byp. (SR 2 / Keith Street NW) – Chattanooga, Athens, Sweetwater
I-75 – Chattanooga, Knoxville I-75 exit 25, SR-60 becomes secondary route
SR 306 north (Eureka Road NW)
Hamilton Georgetown SR 58 – Decatur, Chattanooga
Birchwood SR 312 south (Birchwood Pike)
No major junctions
Rhea Dayton 54.04 86.97 US 27 (SR 29) – Spring City, Chattanooga
SR 378 north (Rhea County Highway)
Northern terminus of SR 60; Southern terminus of SR 378
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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