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State Street Village accommodation
State Street Village

State Street Village is the newest residence hall for the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. Designed by Helmut Jahn of Murphy-Jahn Associates, the dormitory is IIT's newest, completed in 2003.

Although it appears that SSV (as it is commonly referred to by students) is a single continuous building, SSV is actually three different buildings built next to each other and sharing the same facade; they are commonly referred to as "north", "middle", and "south". Each building consists of five stories, with dorms on the "north" and "south" sides of the building and an elevator and common area splitting the two sections in the middle. Access is very secure and can only be gained via ID card scanners; to enter the building one must scan their ID card at the door, again at a guard's station inside the main entrance, and once more to call and operate the elevator. Suites themselves usually consist of two double rooms that are connected by a central bathroom (meaning that four people share a bathroom, two to a dorm); other variations are also available.

State Street Village also has kitchens and laundry rooms on all floors, with a lounge and open deck located on the top floor of each of the three separate buildings.

Since its inhabitation the building has suffered a lot of drainage and moisture problems. Most of the residents complain about the rainwater leaking through the windows into their rooms damaging their belongings.


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