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State Tower Building
State Tower Building, Syracuse.jpg
State Tower Building viewed from Montgomery and Water street
State Tower Building is located in New York
State Tower Building
State Tower Building is located in the US
State Tower Building
Location109 S. Warren Street, Syracuse, New York
Coordinates43°3′1.1″N 76°9′1.8″W / 43.050306°N 76.150500°W / 43.050306; -76.150500Coordinates: 43°3′1.1″N 76°9′1.8″W / 43.050306°N 76.150500°W / 43.050306; -76.150500
Architectural styleArt Deco
Part ofHanover Square Historic District (#76001258)

The State Tower Building is a high-rise building located in Syracuse, New York. Completed in 1928, the building remains the highest in Syracuse to date. It has 23 floors and rises 95.4 meters (312 feet) into the air.[1] The building was designed as a large office building with the first 10 floors being large, and the top floors being setback and smaller such that one entity might occupy an entire floor.[2] On the roof of the tenth floor was a deck on which there was a full-service restaurant.[3]


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The State Tower Building is located at 201 East Genesee Street and was erected in 1928 at a cost of $1.5 million. It occupies the former site of the Bastable Theatre where many famous stars gave an appearance including "Mansfield, Irving, Drew, Terry, Goodwin and Bernhardt."[4]

The building is made of steel and concrete with a limestone, terra-cotta and brick facade. The architect was Thompson & Churchill. It was renovated in 2003.[1]

It is the site of regular peregrine falcon nesting. In 2010, four falcons were born including four males.

In 2014, some concerns were raised over possible hazards with the facade of the building.[5]

Hanover Square historic district[edit]

The building is a contributing property in the Hanover Square Historic District, which was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1976.[6][7]

When the building opened in 1928 Miss Martha LeRoy put the first American flag at its top.

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