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The State Treasurer of Missouri is a statewide elected official responsible for serving as Missouri's chief financial officer. The current State Treasurer is Clint Zweifel. Treasurers are limited to two terms in office. Along with the Governor, these are the only statewide elected offices in Missouri that are subject to term limits.

Duties of the State Treasurer[edit]

The State Treasurer is responsible for managing more than $24 billion in annual revenues and more than $3.6 billion in state investments.[1] Additionally, the State Treasurer works to return nearly $700 million in unclaimed property to more than 4.3 million account owners.[2] The State Treasurer also helps oversee MOST - Missouri's 529 College Savings Plan,[3] which helps families start building a college fund.

As banking director for the state government, the State Treasurer is responsible for authorizing disbursement of state funds, balancing the state accounts, contracting with private banks to process state receipts and disbursements, manage money and security transfers, and reporting on the state's financial activities.[4] The State Treasurer partners with Missouri banks to make low-interest loans to small businesses and farms through the Missouri Linked Deposit Program.[5]

The State Treasurer represents taxpayers by serving on the governing boards of the Missouri Housing Development Commission, the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System, the state Board of Fund Commissioners, and the Missouri Cultural Trust Board. [6]

List of State Treasurers[edit]

Name Party Years of Service
John Peter Didier none 1820–1821
Nathaniel Simonds Democratic-Republican 1821–1829
James Earickson Democrat 1829–1833
John Walker Democrat 1833–1838
Abraham McClellan Democrat 1838–1843
Peter Garland Glover Democrat 1843–1851
Alfred William Morrison Democrat 1851–1861
George Caleb Bingham Democrat 1862–1865
William Bishop Republican 1865–1869
William Q. Dallmeyer Republican 1869–1871
Samuel Hays Republican 1871–1873
Harvey Wallis Salmon Democrat 1873–1875
Joseph Wayne Mercer Democrat 1875–1877
Elijah Gates Democrat 1877–1881
Phillip Edward Chappell Democrat 1881–1885
James M. Seibert Democrat 1885–1889
Edward T. Noland Democrat 1889–1890
Lon Vest Stephens Democrat 1890–1897
Frank L. Pitts Democrat 1897–1901
Robert P. Williams Democrat 1901–1905
Jacob F. Gmelich Republican 1905–1909
James Cowgill Democrat 1909–1913
Edwin P. Deal Democrat 1913–1917
George H. Middelkamp Democrat 1917–1921
Lorenzo Dow Thompson Republican 1921–1925
C. Eugene Stephens Republican 1925–1929
Larry Brunk Republican 1929–1933
Richard R. Nacy Democrat 1933–1937 (1st term)
Robert W. Winn Democrat 1937–1941 (1st term)
Wilson Bell Democrat 1941–1945
Robert W. Winn Democrat 1945–1948 (2nd term)
Richard R. Nacy Democrat 1948–1949 (2nd term)
Mount Etna Morris Democrat 1949–1953 (1st term)
George Hubert Bates Democrat 1953–1957
Mount Etna Morris Democrat 1957–1961 (2nd term)
Milton Carpenter Democrat 1961–1965
Mount Etna Morris Democrat 1965–1969 (3rd term)
William Edmond Robinson Democrat 1969–1973
Jim Spainhower Democrat 1973–1981
Mel Carnahan Democrat 1981–1985
Wendell Bailey Republican 1985–1993
Bob Holden Democrat 1993–2001
Nancy Farmer Democrat 2001–2005
Sarah Steelman Republican 2005–2009
Clint Zweifel Democrat 2009–Present


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