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State Trooper
Rod Cameron State Trooper 1957.JPG
Rod Cameron as Rod Blake, 1957.
GenreWestern/Crime drama
Written byFenton Earnshaw
Lawrence Kimble
Leslie McFarlane
Barry Shipman
Steven Thornley
StarringRod Cameron
Robert Armstrong
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes104
ProducerRichard Irving
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time30 minutes
Production companyRevue Studios
DistributorMCA TV
Original networkSyndication
Picture formatBlack-and-white
Audio formatMonaural
Original releaseJanuary 1957 (1957-01) –
June 25, 1959 (1959-06-25)
Related showsStar Stage

State Trooper is an American crime drama set in the American West of the 1950s, starring Rod Cameron as Lt. Rod Blake, an officer/chief investigator of the Nevada Department of Public Safety. The series aired 104 episodes in syndication from 1956 to 1959.


State Trooper is based in Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City, Nevada, but was filmed by Revue Studios at Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth in Los Angeles County in California. Its fictional stories focus upon miners, ranchers, dude ranches, released convicts, and murder mysteries, often with surprise endings.

The series pilot entitled "Killer on a Horseback" starring Rod Cameron aired in February 1956 on an episode of the NBC anthology series Star Stage.[1]

Robert Armstrong appeared in 24 episodes as Sheriff Andy Anderson, who developed a good working relationship with Cameron's character, Blake. Don Haggerty played Sheriff Elder in nine episodes in the 1956-1957 season. Paul Stader appeared five times in the 1958-1959 season as Deputy Sheriff Jim Wallace. Tom Greenway appeared in four episodes as Sheriff Bronson: "Stay Lost, Little Girl", "Dangerous Honeymoon", "Full Circle", and "Death on Wheels".[2]

Blake carried a "Detective Special" revolver.


Season 1 (1956–57)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
11"Red Badge of Death"Richard IrvingLawrence KimbleSeptember 25, 1956 (1956-09-25)
22"The Paperhanger of Pioche"Richard IrvingLawrence KimbleOctober 2, 1956 (1956-10-02)
33"Meeting at Julia's"Richard IrvingLawrence KimbleOctober 9, 1956 (1956-10-09)
44"Jailbreak at Tonopah"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1956 (1956)
55"The Hills of Homicide"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1956 (1956)
66"From Here to Molokai"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1956 (1956)
77"What Price Gloria"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1956 (1956)
88"Weep No More O'Grady"Earl BellamyLawrence Kimble1956 (1956)
99"Nevada Boy, Pride and Joy"Don McDougallLawrence Kimble1956 (1956)
1010"One Way to Tahoe"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1956 (1956)
1111"Room Service for 321"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
1212"The Cash Out"Don McDougallTeleplay by: Fenton Earnshaw
Story by: Thomas Walsh
1957 (1957)
1313"Trail of the Dead"Don McDougallTeleplay by: Barry Shipman
Story by: Leslie MacFarlane
1957 (1957)
1414"Rocking Chair Bandit"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
1515"Coate of Many Colors"Sidney SalkowLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
1616"Boulder Joe's Bottle House"Don McDougallLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
1717"Who Killed Doc Robbins"Don McDougallLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
1818"Buck Fever"Herschel DaughertyLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
1919"No Fancy Cowboys"Don McDougallJames Gunn1957 (1957)
2020"Violets on Mt. Rose"Don McDougallLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
2121"The Last Stage Robbery"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
2222"The Silver Duke"Don McDougallTeleplay by: Barry Shipman
Story by: Leslie MacFarlane
1957 (1957)
2323"Death on the Rock"Sidney SalkowTeleplay by: Leo Gordon & Fenton Earnshaw
Story by: Leo Gordon
1957 (1957)
2424"The Last War Party"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
2525"Voice of the Bug"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
2626"The One That Didn't Get Away"TBATBA1957 (1957)
2727"Cinder Jungle"Richard IrvingFenton Earnshaw1957 (1957)
2828"Diamonds Come High"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
2929"Jail Trail"Richard IrvingFenton Earnshaw1957 (1957)
3030"The Only Girl on Boot Hill"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
3131"No Blaze of Glory"D. Ross LedermanLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
3232"Beef ala Murder"D. Ross LedermanLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
3333"Ride Til You Die"Richard IrvingFenton Earnshaw1957 (1957)
3434"Madman on the Mountain"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
3535"Safe on a Boat"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
3636"Fury on Fremont Street"D. Ross LedermanLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
3737"The Live Shell Game"D. Ross LedermanFenton EarnshawAugust 23, 1957 (1957-08-23)
3838TBATBATBA1957 (1957)
3939TBATBATBA1957 (1957)

Season 2 (1957–58)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
401"A Penny Saved"Stan ShpetnerLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
412"Out of Line"D. Ross LedermanFenton Earnshaw1957 (1957)
423"The Black Leaper"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
434"The Talking Corpse"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
445"The Gandy Dancers of Steptoe Valley"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1957 (1957)
456"The Sound of Death"John EnglishBarry Shipman1957 (1957)
467"The Dancing Dowager"John EnglishFenton Earnshaw1957 (1957)
478"Diamonds in the Rough"TBATBA1957 (1957)
489"Cable Car to Tombstone"TBATBA1957 (1957)
4910"The Perilous Picnic"TBATBA1957 (1957)
5011"Grudge Race"Tom GriesFenton Earnshaw1958 (1958)
5112"Dangerous Honeymoon"TBATBA1958 (1958)
5213"The Doll Who Couldn't Sleep"Stan ShpetnerLawrence Kimble1958 (1958)
5314"Full Circle"Tom GriesTeleplay by: John Draft & Fenton Earnshaw
Story by: John Draft
1958 (1958)
5415"Death on Wheels"TBATBA1958 (1958)
5516"The Bride Wore Bullets"Lawrence DobkinLawrence Kimble1958 (1958)
5617"Sweetheart of Sigmund Kaye"Stan ShpetnerLawrence Kimble1958 (1958)
5718"Crisis at Comstock"TBATBA1958 (1958)
5819"The Case of the Happy Dragon"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1958 (1958)
5920"Wild Green Yonder"John EnglishFenton Earnshaw1958 (1958)
6021"Stray Lost Little Girl"TBATBA1958 (1958)
6122"The Widow Makers"TBATBA1958 (1958)
6223"Mystery Sniper"John EnglishBarry Shipman1958 (1958)
6324"312 Vertical"TBATBA1958 (1958)
6425"Another Chance"TBATBA1958 (1958)
6526"710 Hysteria Street"TBATBA1958 (1958)
6627"Firebug"John EnglishBarry Shipman1958 (1958)
6728"Kitchen Kill"John EnglishTeleplay by: Lawrence Kimble
Story by: Jonathan Craig
1958 (1958)
6829"The Last Waltz"TBATBA1958 (1958)
6930"Still Water Runs Red"TBATBA1958 (1958)
7031"No, My Darling Daughter"TBATBA1958 (1958)
7132"Hard Rock Man"TBATBA1958 (1958)
7233"Key to a Killer"Lawrence DobkinFenton Earnshaw1958 (1958)
7334"The Woman Who Cried Wolf"John EnglishBarry Shipman1958 (1958)
7435"Inherit a Bullet"Boris SagalLawrence Kimble1958 (1958)
7536"The Winnemucca Weskit"John EnglishLawrence Kimble1958 (1958)
7637"Joker's Dead"Lawrence DobkinBarry Shipman1958 (1958)
7738"You Can't Run Forever"Boris SagalFenton Earnshaw1958 (1958)
7839"Sweet & Gentle, Ltd."TBATBA1958 (1958)

Season 3: 1959[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
791"Prettiest Dress in Goldfield"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1959 (1959)
802"What's Mine is Mine"TBATBA1959 (1959)
813"Larceny and Old Age"TBATBA1959 (1959)
824"Carson City Kitty"Richard IrvingBarry Shipman1959 (1959)
835"The Man from Solitary"TBATBA1959 (1959)
846"The Choker"TBATBA1959 (1959)
857"The Judas Tree"TBATBA1959 (1959)
868"Hard Money, Soft Touch"TBATBA1959 (1959)
879"Let 'Em Eat Smoke"TBATBA1959 (1959)
8810"The Patient Skeleton"TBATBA1959 (1959)
8911"The Case of the Barefoot Girl"TBATBA1959 (1959)
9012"So Early in the Mourning"TBATBA1959 (1959)
9113"Pistols for Two"TBATBA1959 (1959)
9214"Love on the Rocks"TBATBA1959 (1959)
9315"While Jerome Burned"William WitneyKen Pettus1959 (1959)
9416"And Baby Makes Two"Richard IrvingLawrence Kimble1959 (1959)
9517"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes"TBATBA1959 (1959)
9618"Everything Else is Bridgeport"TBATBA1959 (1959)
9719TBATBATBA1959 (1959)
9820TBATBATBA1959 (1959)
9921TBATBATBA1959 (1959)
10022TBATBATBA1959 (1959)

Guest stars[edit]

Home media[edit]

Timeless Media Group released the complete first season on DVD in Region 1 on December 14, 2010.[3] The complete second and third seasons were released together in a six-disc set on December 13, 2011.[4]

On September 23, 2014, Timeless Media Group released State Trooper - The Complete Series on DVD in Region 1.[5] The 11-disc set contains all 104 episodes of the series.


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