State orders, decorations and medals

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State decorations are orders, medals and other decorations granted by a state (as opposed to non-governmental and International decorations).

Such regulations may specify:

  • Lists of decorations which may be worn on military and civil uniform
  • The manner in which decorations are to be worn
  • Restrictions on the acceptance of foreign decorations by citizens

State decorations may be divided into civil decorations and military decorations. State decorations normally include one or more of the following components:

  • Broad ribands (i.e. sashes) worn over one shoulder (on which a decoration may be suspended)
  • Stars (or 'plaque') pinned to the lower chest
  • Neck decorations suspended from narrow ribands around the neck
  • Women's decorations suspended from a bow worn pinned to the upper chest
  • Decorations and medals suspended from ribbons pinned to the upper chest

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