State of the Nation (EP)

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State Of The Nation
EP by The Generators
Released February 2002
Recorded September 2001
Genre Punk rock
Label Dead Beat Records LP/TKO Records CD
Producer The Generators
The Generators chronology
State of the Nation
Excess, Betrayal...And Our Dearly Departed

The State Of The Nation EP is the second EP by The Generators. It was released on February, 2002, on Dead Beat Records on vinyl & TKO Records on CD.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Snow/Dagger except where noted...

  1. "Go Away"
  2. "Operation Salvation" (Osterberg/Dagger)
  3. "Tough As Nails"
  4. "Fantastic Disaster"
  5. "Here Comes The Plaque"
  6. "Kill The President (Voices in His Head)"
  7. "Running Riot (Live)" (Cock Sparrer cover)
  8. "Hanoi 68 (Live)" (Doosky/Dagger)


  • Doug Dagger – lead vocals
  • Sir Doosky – lead & rhythm guitars, back up vocals
  • Mike Snow – lead & rhythm guitars, back up vocals
  • Don Osterberg- bass & backing vocals
  • Mike Clark – drums & backing vocals

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