State of the Union (album)

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State of the Union
Compilation album by Various artists
Released April 1989 (Remastered 2002)
Recorded 1985-1989
Genre Hardcore punk
Length -:-
Label Dischord Records

State of the Union: D.C. Benefit Compilation is a compilation album, compiled by Mark Andersen, that was released on Dischord Records. It catalogued the DC sounds of the late 1980s, and was created for the American Civil Liberties Union and Community for Creative Non-Violence. All proceeds from the sales of the album were given to these two groups. The LP version is now out of print, but the CD version is still available on the Dischord Records website (as of 5/22/08).[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Scream - Ameri-dub
  2. Ignition - Anger Means
  3. Soulside - Name in Mind
  4. Broken Siren - No You Cannot Go
  5. Christ on a Crutch - Off Target
  6. King Face - Dirty Wings
  7. Rain - Worlds At War
  8. 3 - Swann Street
  9. Marginal Man - Stones of a Wall
  10. One Last Wish - Burning in the Undertow
  11. Fugazi - In Defense of Humans
  12. Thorns - Responsibility
  13. Fire Party - Pilate
  14. Fidelity Jones - Blood Stone Burn
  15. Red Emma - Candle
  16. Shudder to Think - Let It Ring


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