Stateline Wilderness

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Located in San Bernardino County, California approximately three miles northwest of Primm, NV and I-15, the small but pristine 7,004-acre (approximate) Stateline Wilderness contains the eastern terminus of the 15-mile long Clark Mountain Range.

The limestone/dolomite mountains are steep and rugged. Dominant vegetation includes creosote brush and bursage on the bajadas and Mojave yucca, Joshua tree, cacti, and various mixed shrubs on the slopes. The highest elevations contain some pinyon-juniper habitat. There are no known permanent water sources in the wilderness. Wildlife is typical for the Mojave Desert; including coyote, black-tailed jackrabbits, ground squirrels, kangaroo rats, quail, roadrunners, rattlesnakes, and several species of lizards.[1]


Coordinates: 35°38′17″N 115°28′47″W / 35.63806°N 115.47972°W / 35.63806; -115.47972