States Rights Records

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States Rights Records
States Rights Records (emblem).png
Founded 2001
Founder Steve Schroeder
Genre Ril
Country of origin United States
Location Portland, Oregon
Official website

States Rights Records is an independent record label founded in 2001 by Steve Schroeder. The Portland, Oregon label's premier release was "Come Along" by Little Wings. Later that year, the label released "Tongue and Tooth" by The Badger King. Bobby Birdman, Yacht, Lucky Dragons, The Blow, The Dirty Projectors, White Rainbow and others have released on States Rights Records. Each band chooses a "state" for which their release will represent within the States Rights Records catalogue. As a result, there is no catalogue number for the releases, simply states. Locations like Atlantis, Socal, and "Far West Texas" have also been represented.

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