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Somalia is officially divided into eighteen administrative regions (gobollada, singular gobol),[1] which in turn are subdivided into districts.


As of 2016, Somalia is in theory officially divided into 6 proposed regional states:[2][3]

Four out of the 5 proposed regional states (Puntland, Galmudug, Jubaland, South West State) have submitted their nominations for candidates in the Upper House of Federal Parliament.[2]

The emerging Hir-Shabelle state (merging Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle regions). The latter two have yet to submit their Upper House nominations, and Somaliland politicians have refused to partake in the Upper House.[2][3]


On a de facto basis, northern Somalia is the autonomous state Somaliland. In Somalia, Puntland, Galmudug is another regional administration that emerged just south of Puntland. Jubaland in the far south is a fourth autonomous region within the federation.[1] In November 2014, a new South West State was likewise established.[4] In April 2015, a formation conference was also launched for a new Central Regions State.[5]

The Federal Parliament is tasked with selecting the ultimate number and boundaries of the autonomous regional states (officially, Federal Member States) within the Federal Republic of Somalia.[6][7] To this end, the legislature in December 2014 passed a law establishing the Boundary and Federalization Commission.[8] The body is mandated with determining the boundaries of the country's constituent Federal Member States, as well as arbitrating between these regional states on their respective jurisdiction.[9]


Map of Somaliland, one of federal Somalia's various autonomous regions
Map of Puntland, a federated state in northeastern Somalia
Map of the South West State, a federated state in southern Somalia
Map of the Jubaland, a federated state in southern Somalia

Unrecognized and proposed states[edit]

Note: Awdalland and Zeila & Lughaya State hold competing claims over the Awdal Region. Both do not recognize secessionist Somaliland's claims to their territory and aim to become recognized as the government of a Somali federal state in the Awdal Region.

Note: Khatumo State is not recognised by Putland, the Somali government, or secessionist Somaliland.

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