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The States of Alderney in Session, 2005

The ten States of Alderney Members make up the legislature (The States of Alderney) of the island of Alderney. Half of the ten States Members are elected every two years for a four year mandate. They are organised into three main committees: Policy and Finance, General Services, and Building and Development Control, each of which works under a different mandate and has a separate budget. There are also numerous smaller committees. A states meeting is held every month, and is chaired by the island's president Sir Norman Browse.

Current members[edit]

The current members were elected in the elections of 2012 and elections of 2014. They are:

Elected in 2012 Elected in 2014
Neil Harvey Matt Birmingham
Louis Jean [1] Graham McKinley [1]
Robert McDowall Norma Paris
Chris Rowley Steve Roberts
Francis Simonet Ian Tugby

Note [1] Alderney representatives to the States of Guernsey[1]

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Notes and references[edit]

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