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States of Zeeland

Staten van Zeeland
Han Polman (D66)
since 1 March 2013
Political groups
Government (22)

Opposition (17)

Last election
18 March 2015
Next election
March 2019
Meeting place
Middelburg Abtei 1.jpg

The States of Zeeland (Dutch: Staten van Zeeland, pronounced [ˈstaːtə(n) vɑn ˈzeːlɑnt]) are the States-Provincial for the Dutch province of Zeeland. It forms the legislative body of the province. Its 39 seats are distributed every four years in provincial elections. Since 2013, it has been chaired by Han Polman (D66).[1]


During the rule of Charles V, the States of Zeeland was made up of prelates from the area (e.g. the abbot of the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Abdij in Middelburg), the main nobles of Zeeland (the Ridderschap) and representatives of the area's six largest cities (known as pensionaries). These cities were Middelburg, Zierikzee, Goes, Reimerswaal and Tholen (with Vlissingen and Veere added after the Dutch Revolt). Decisions were taken by majority vote and the body and area were represented at the States General of the Netherlands by the Grand Pensionary of Zeeland, with this regional states (like the others) also nominating Zeeland's members of the States-General. Its executive board was known as the Gecommitteerde Raden. From 1578, these, the Zeeuwse Admiraliteitscollege and other regional representatives oversaw the Admiralty of Zeeland.

Current composition[edit]

Since the 2015 provincial elections, the seats of the States of Zeeland are as following:[2]

Party Votes Seats
# % # +/-
Christian Democratic Appeal 21,847 14.53 6 Steady0
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy 20,303 13.51 6 Decrease1
Reformed Political Party 19,629 13.06 6 Increase2
Socialist Party 16,262 10.82 4 Increase2
Party for Freedom 15,434 10.27 4 Decrease1
Labour Party 14,189 9.44 4 Decrease3
Democrats 66 10,403 6.92 3 Increase1
ChristianUnion 8,607 5.73 2 Steady
Zeeland Local 5,815 3.87 1 New
Party for Zeeland 5,787 3.85 1 Decrease1
GreenLeft 5,198 3.46 1 Steady
50PLUS 4,457 2.97 1 Increase1
Provincial Interest Zeeland 2,388 1.59 0 New

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