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StationRipper2.83 Logo.png
StationRipper2.83 Screenshot.jpg
Free version of StationRipper running against two stations
Developer(s) Ratajik Software
Initial release 13 December 2003
Stable release 2.98.4A (23 Sept 2013) [±]
Preview release 2.91 (1 December 2008) [±]
Written in C++ / MFC
Operating system Windows
Available in Multilingual
Type Radio music ripping
License Proprietary and freeware

StationRipper is a commercial Microsoft Windows software program developed by Ratajik Software. It combines several other pieces of software, focusing on recording and downloading music from internet radio, such as SHOUTcast streams and web-based stations such as and, as well as Podcasts.


StationRipper is able to create most types of audio files. It uses metadata downloaded during streaming to tag songs based on specific criterion, such as the artist or the album. StationRipper supports ID3v1 and ID3v2.4 tags, with the resulting audio files being DRM free.

StationRipper combines Streamripper, an open source internet radio recorder, with three proprietary internet radio recorders made by Ratajik Software. The software also integrates with multiple social media websites.

StationRipper is available in a free version as well as a paid version ("Silver" and "Gold" licenses, respectively). It uses the Microsoft Access database format for its library and embeds Microsoft Internet Explorer in the main window.


StationRipper is able to record from multiple websites and internet radio streams. It can also download podcasts, and it integrates with iTunes and other media management software. It also recognizes songs that have been played, allowing you to search for the songs on Station Portal, a database of songs. It also downloads album art for the songs, and deletes commercials based on file size.

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