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Station 19
Station 19 logo.jpg
Created byStacy McKee
Based onGrey's Anatomy
by Shonda Rhimes
Narrated byJaina Lee Ortiz
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes43 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Tia Napolitano
  • Anupam Nigam
  • Jim Campolongo
  • Trey Callaway
  • Angela Harvey
  • Phillip Iscove
  • Christine Larson-Nitzsche
Production location(s)Los Angeles
Running time43 minutes
Production company(s)
DistributorDisney–ABC Domestic Television
Original networkABC
Picture format720p (HDTV)
Audio format5.1 surround sound
Original releaseMarch 22, 2018 (2018-03-22) –
present (present)
Related showsGrey's Anatomy
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Station 19 is an American action-drama television series created by Stacy McKee for ABC that premiered on March 22, 2018. It is the second spin-off of Grey's Anatomy (after Private Practice). Set in Seattle, the series focuses on the lives of the men and women at Seattle Fire Station 19. It stars Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George, Grey Damon, Barrett Doss, Alberto Frezza, Jay Hayden, Okieriete Onaodowan, Danielle Savre, and Miguel Sandoval.

McKee, Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers, and Paris Barclay serve as executive producers on the series. It is produced by Shondaland and ABC Studios, with McKee serving as showrunner for its first two seasons, later replaced by Krista Vernoff since season three.

In May 2017, the spin-off received a series order from ABC. Ortiz was cast in July 2017, and the cast was filled out by October. Filming for the series takes place primarily in Los Angeles. In May 2018, ABC renewed the series for a second season, which premiered on October 4, 2018. In May 2019, the series was renewed for a third season which premiered on January 23, 2020.[1] In March 2020, ABC renewed the series for a fourth season to air during the 2020–21 television season.[2]


The series follows a group of heroic firefighters of the Seattle Fire Department at Station 19 from the captain down the ranks to the newest recruit in their personal and professional lives.[3]

Cast and characters[edit]


  • Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andrea "Andy" Herrera: A Lieutenant at Station 19 and the daughter of Captain Pruitt Herrera. She was a Co-Acting Captain of Station 19. In the season 2 finale and in season 3, her new love interest is the new captain, Robert Sullivan, whom she marries in Season 3 prior to her father's death.[3][4]
  • Jason George as Dr. Benjamin "Ben" Warren, MD: A firefighter and PRT Physician at Station 19 and a former anesthesiologist-turned-surgical-resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He is married to Miranda Bailey.[3][4]
  • Grey Damon as Jack Gibson: Lieutenant at Station 19. He is passionate, energetic, and fearless. He was one of Station 19's Co-Acting Captains, along with Herrera.[3][4]
  • Barrett Doss as Victoria "Vic" Hughes: A younger firefighter at Station 19.[3][4]
  • Alberto Frezza as Ryan Tanner (main seasons 1–2, guest season 3): A police officer at Seattle PD. He and Andy are longtime friends and had a romantic relationship in high school. He was shot in the second episode of season 3, and died in the third episode.[3][4]
  • Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery: An openly gay firefighter and the heart of Station 19.[3][4]
  • Okieriete Onaodowan as Dean Miller: A charismatic firefighter at Station 19.[3][4]
  • Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop: A bisexual Lieutenant, and later Captain, at Station 19 and a former Olympic athlete who is also Andy's best friend.[3][4]
  • Miguel Sandoval as Pruitt Herrera (seasons 1–3): Captain at Station 19, Andy’s father, and a mentor to her and her coworkers. He steps down from his role in the series premiere, and later dies on season 3.[3][4]
  • Boris Kodjoe as Robert Sullivan (season 2–present): The new Captain at Station 19 who recently returned to Seattle. In "Eulogy", he is promoted to Battalion Chief. Prior to being Captain he was the General at the Academy where Miller and Gibson were training. He was once best friends with Chief Ripley but their friendship faded when Robert moved to Montana after his wife's death. Sullivan suffers from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). In the Season 2 finale and season 3, he becomes Andy's new love interest.[5][6] Sullivan marries Andy in Season 3 before Pruitt's death.
  • Stefania Spampinato as Dr. Carina DeLuca (season 4–present; recurring season 3): OB/GYN Attending at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and Maya's girlfriend.[7]


  • Marla Gibbs as Edith (season 1): A feisty retirement home retiree who sets up Travis with her grandson, Grant.[8]
  • Brett Tucker as Fire Chief Lucas Ripley: The Fire Chief for Seattle Fire Department.[9]
  • Brenda Song as JJ (seasons 1, 3): A music reviewer who Dean saves from a fire and later begins to date.[10] In season three, she has a baby with Dean.
  • Sterling Sulieman as Grant (seasons 1–2): The sous chef grandson of Edith who she sets up with Travis.
  • Birgundi Baker as Yemi Miller (season 2), Dean's sister.[11]
  • Rigo Sanchez as Rigo Vasquez (season 3): A firefighter at Station 19. He gets injured during a rescue and before being discharged out of the hospital, he dies.
  • Kelly Thiebaud as Eva Vasquez (season 3): Rigo's wife. She has a sexual relationship with Jack.
  • Pat Healy as Fire Chief Michael Dixon (season 3): The new Fire Chief for the Seattle Fire Department as the replacement of Lucas Ripley. He used to be a police officer.
  • Lachlan Buchanan as Emmett Dixon (season 3): A firefighter at Station 19 and the son of Fire Chief Dixon.

Notable guests[edit]

  • BJ Tanner as Tuck Jones: Warren's stepson.
  • Jee Young Han as Charlotte Dearborn: The Fire Lieutenant of Station 12, who competes against Herrera and Gibson for Captain.
  • Patrick Duffy as Terry (season 2) who appears in the episode "Into the Wildfire".[12]
  • Nyle DiMarco as Dylan (season 2): A deaf firefighter who appears in the episode "Into the Wildfire".[12]
  • Tracie Thoms as Dr. Diane Lewis (season 3)

Grey's Anatomy[edit]


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
Backdoor pilotMarch 1, 2018 (2018-03-01)
110March 22, 2018 (2018-03-22)May 17, 2018 (2018-05-17)
217October 4, 2018 (2018-10-04)May 16, 2019 (2019-05-16)
316January 23, 2020 (2020-01-23)May 14, 2020 (2020-05-14)

Backdoor pilot (2018)[edit]

For the backdoor pilot, "No. overall" and "No. in season" refer to the episode's place in the order of episodes of the parent series Grey's Anatomy.

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
30613"You Really Got a Hold on Me"Nzingha StewartStacy McKeeMarch 1, 2018 (2018-03-01)7.52[14]
A house fire brings two young boys, who were rescued by the Seattle Fire Department's Station 19, to the ER. Meredith Grey meets Andy Herrera, a firefighter, who has her hand inside the patient, clamping his abdominal aorta. While Andy gets a front row seat to view the action inside the OR, Ben Warren struggles with the idea of not being a surgeon anymore. Dr. Tom Koracick, Amelia Shepherd's former professor, shows up to help her with her research project, but quickly shoots down her ideas. However, when they confront each other about their difference in opinion, they come up with an idea to save her patient. Richard Webber watches Miranda Bailey very closely, as it is her first day back after recovering from her heart attack. Jackson Avery begins to worry about April Kepner and the fact that the interns have nicknamed her "the Party".

Season 1 (2018)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
11"Stuck"Paris BarclayStacy McKeeMarch 22, 2018 (2018-03-22)5.43[15]
When the team responds to an apartment fire, Captain Pruitt Herrera takes a hit, the future of the station's leadership is in jeopardy and firefighter Andy Herrera is forced to step up. Meanwhile, new recruit Ben Warren is trading in the scalpel for a fresh start as a firefighter, but it hasn’t been easy and he has a hard time realizing that emergencies in the field are vastly different than those at Grey Sloan Memorial.
22"Invisible To Me"Paris BarclayStacy McKeeMarch 22, 2018 (2018-03-22)5.43[15]
In the absence of Captain Herrera, Andy and Jack try to navigate how to work together, when they have to take turns being captain. Andy is the first one, but things get complicated on her first day. Warren and Victoria start working together when the fire alarm is pulled at Ben's son (Tucker)'s school. In the meantime, Dean meets a civilian, JJ, when she asks him help to fix her apartment's alarm. A car accident on a rural road puts both the victims and the crew's lives at risk.
33"Contain the Flame"Mary Lou BelliWendy CalhounMarch 29, 2018 (2018-03-29)5.86[16]
The team responds to the house fire at JJ's apartment with Dean risking his life to save Seth, who ends up dying at the hospital. An emotional JJ visits Dean at the station to help her process the loss. After a disagreement between Jack and Andy on the scene, Frankel calls them both out on their mistakes and later shows her respect for Jack because he, unlike Andy, had to work his way up without connections. Andy overhears this but leaves before Jack tells Frankel that if anything, Andy's father held her back. Maya and Travis pick sides for the Captain position. Ben finds it difficult not to have a follow-up with the people they rescue. Pruitt has a hard time staying at home and ends up returning to the station for administrative duties while Ryan wonders if Andy still sees him as his teenage self like her father does.
44"Reignited"Dennis SmithIlene RosenzweigApril 5, 2018 (2018-04-05)5.09[17]
The team deals with a fire at a brand-new bed-and-breakfast that keeps reigniting. Jack and Andy resume their sexual relationship after a week of bickering as co-captains, but they are not as secretive as they think they are. Maya keeps her distance from Andy after she asked Maya to back off and doesn't tell her when Ryan has her come over to the police station to identify her brother, who was caught shoplifting art supplies. Instead, she confides in Ryan that her brother lost his way because of their parents' devotion to her Olympic career. Dean seeks to ask out JJ and asks Travis and Pruitt for advice. Travis meets a handsome man through Edith. Meanwhile, Ben notices that the blue fire experience has left a mark on Victoria, who denies having developed a fear of fire as it would end her career.
55"Shock to the System"Milan CheylovAnupam NigamApril 12, 2018 (2018-04-12)5.59[18]
Maya and Andy go on a stakeout for a raid set up by Ryan and his team. While they fear for his safety, they hash out the recent tension between them and come clean about their problems. Seeing Ryan in his professional environment sparks Andy's interest. Pruitt turns up the heat on Jack following his discovery of his and Andy's sexual relationship. One by one, the other team members find out as well. Bailey visits the station and reprimands Pruitt for not following her instructions. JJ asks Dean out on a date. The team responds to a man caught in a dangerous, electrical situation while a pregnant woman, who turns out to be the man's wife, comes to the station looking for help with car seats.
66"Stronger Together"Nzingha StewartAngela L. HarveyApril 19, 2018 (2018-04-19)5.41[19]
Jack and Andy participate in the captaincy drill test, The Incinerator. Much to their dismay, they learn that all the candidates are up for the department's sole available captain position at Station 19. Jack and Andy decide to work together in order to make sure one of them will end up getting the position. After Andy breaks protocol to save a life, Frankel's bias towards Andy is called into question by Fire Chief Ripley, whom Jack impresses with his test. With Travis as Acting Captain, the team responds to a woman whose leg is caught in a pothole. Inspired by the woman's courage to finally express her love to her long-time friend, Victoria comes clean to the team about her fear of fire. The team decides to keep it a secret from the lieutenants and to help Victoria any way they can. Pruitt seeks out Bailey for help when his health takes a turn for the worse.
77"Let It Burn"James HanlonBarbara Kaye FriendApril 26, 2018 (2018-04-26)5.17[20]
Despite his increase in symptoms, Pruitt runs before Bailey can perform a checkup. He tries to hide his worsening symptoms but his colleagues find out and take him back to the hospital, where his treatment is increased. He also realizes he has to let people in and allows Andy to be kept in the loop. Edith plays Cupid for Travis and Grant, but Travis isn't too eager to start dating again. Maya and Travis help Victoria face her fears, while Maya runs into her homeless brother again and tries to offer him help. Ryan joins the team as they respond to a strip mall fire much to Jack's dismay. It leads Ryan to discover his heroic side, which causes him to tell Andy that he's done standing back. Bailey discovers that Ben has been hiding the dangerous calls from her.
88"Every Second Counts"Marisol AdlerTia NapolitanoMay 3, 2018 (2018-05-03)5.14[21]
The time has come for peer reviews in the battle for the Captain position. Fire Chief Ripley interviews each team member and stresses the importance of a call earlier that day that went horribly wrong due to decisions made by both Jack and Andy. After piecing together what happened exactly from their testimonies, Ripley forces everyone to take a side based on the difficult dilemma the lieutenants were faced with. Victoria lashes out and tells him he has to pick either Jack or Andy rather than an outside candidate, but her behavior does more harm than good. Maya is surprised by Ripley's recommendation to run for Lieutenant herself. Travis surprisingly backs Andy given his bad experiences with incapable Captains while Dean also backs her despite his support for Jack. Pruitt, who's stuck at the hospital for a new round of chemo, confides in Ripley that he should choose neither Jack nor Andy.
99"Hot Box"Nicole RubioPhillip IscoveMay 10, 2018 (2018-05-10)4.45[22]
Pruitt warns Andy not to get her hopes up for the Captain position. A tired Dean messes up at the scene of a house fire and traps part of the team, police officers, and a civilian in a garage that was specifically built to keep people out. As the rest of the team has trouble reaching the fire inside the highly protected house, the temperature in the garage keeps rising, threatening the lives of everyone inside. With a similar call that ended with the deaths of his colleagues in his mind, Pruitt arrives at the scene to urge Andy to fight herself a way out. The trapped people work together and cause an explosion to burst open the garage doors. While celebrating their victory, Victoria covers for Dean, Jack finds out about Andy's involvement with Ryan, and Pruitt comes clean to Andy about his recommendation for the Captain position, explaining he wanted to rally the team against an outsider.
1010"Not Your Hero"Paris BarclayStacy McKeeMay 17, 2018 (2018-05-17)5.10[23]
The team celebrates Ben surviving 50 fires. Ripley's interviews with the remaining candidates are cut short when he has to help out at a skyscraper fire. Jack tells Andy he's transferring to another station if he doesn't make Captain. After remaining on standby for hours, the team is finally called to the skyscraper fire. Maya and Victoria work with Molly, an evacuation captain, to control a crowd stuck on a floor above the fire. Maya hides her hearing problems following the barotrauma she suffered in the garage. Dean and Jack try to keep the fire away from combustibles on the building's maintenance floor. After the fire jumps floors and chaos ensues, Ben has to save a lethally injured Travis and finds a trampled Molly in the staircase, forcing him to choose between saving her or Travis. Andy saves Charlotte and impresses Ripley. However, she openly defies his orders by sending an elevator to the floor Jack and Dean are stuck on. Jack stays behind to close fire doors to save the scattered crew. As Andy begs him to save himself, they lose contact and a blast shakes the building, putting everyone's life in jeopardy. Meanwhile, back at the station, Ryan and Bailey work to resuscitate an unconscious Pruitt.

Season 2 (2018–19)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
111"No Recovery"Paris BarclayStacy McKeeOctober 4, 2018 (2018-10-04)5.17[24]
Following the blast, Andy disobeys Ripley's orders and goes back to look for Jack accompanied by Maya. After saving a victim, Dean also goes back inside against Ripley's orders to save Jack, but he ends up assisting Vic in getting Travis out. Ben manages to save Molly while Andy and Maya save Jack. Travis and Molly are taken to Grey Sloan Memorial. While waiting, Ben bonds with Molly's mother and finds that Vic blames him for leaving Travis. However, she forgives him when she sees how heartbroken he is to find out about Molly's passing on the operating table. Pruitt pulls through and Andy is told he is close to remission, but Ryan keeping his deterioration a secret from her leads to them deciding to break their pattern of looking for comfort with one another. The station's crew is introduced to their new, tough Captain: Robert Sullivan. Meanwhile, flashbacks detail the origins of the close friendships between Maya and Andy, Dean and Jack, and Vic and Travis.
122"Under the Surface"Milan CheylovTia NapolitanoOctober 11, 2018 (2018-10-11)6.54[25]

Dean asks out Dr. Maggie Pierce. Andy decides to impress the new Captain by letting him bask in her awesome, but finds that her father is holding her back. With Pruitt approaching remission, Andy decides to move out and accepts Maya's offer to come live with her. The team sets out to rescue a boy who ran away from Grey Sloan and fell into the drainage system pipes while being pursued by Ryan. Andy attempts a risky move to save the boy but sidelines a prepared Maya in doing so, resulting in a fight between the two, as well as a reprimand for Andy by Sullivan. After having joined the firefighters at the rescue scene with Dr. Andrew DeLuca, Maggie turns Dean down, but he lets her know that his offer still stands, should she ever be without a boyfriend. Travis visits the station and is drawn into the action of the rescue. Ben is put on desk duty for not sticking to protocol and Pruitt is offended when Sullivan suggests he retire.

This episode concludes a crossover with Grey's Anatomy that begins on "Momma Knows Best".
133"Home to Hold Onto"Tessa BlakeAnupam NigamOctober 18, 2018 (2018-10-18)4.16[26]
The firehouse is on high alert as the new Captain gives out orders. Maya and Andy are living as friends together. At a call, an old woman is stuck and Andy goes in to rescue her. Travis and Vic are at odds after she reveals that she almost saw him die. Meanwhile, a police ride along turns into a brief partnership as Ryan takes an unlikely member of the team with him.
144"Lost and Found"Marcus StokesJim CampolongoOctober 25, 2018 (2018-10-25)5.02[27]
Sullivan assigns each member of the crew a specialty skill to learn. Ryan is caught off guard when he comes face to face with someone from his past. Sullivan, Andy and Maya handle a structure fire in a derelict building.
155"Do a Little Harm..."Sylvain WhiteAngela L. HarveyNovember 1, 2018 (2018-11-01)4.89[28]
While Captain Sullivan brings together the police and fire departments for a training seminar, Ben and Bailey start to fall apart.
166"Last Day on Earth"Steve RobinPhillip IscoveNovember 8, 2018 (2018-11-08)5.10[29]
Ryan's dad makes an unexpected visit while Sullivan finds an unlikely source for bonding tips.
177"Weather the Storm"Oliver BokelbergStacy McKeeNovember 15, 2018 (2018-11-15)5.91[30]
With a windstorm raging over Seattle, the team's Friendsgiving at Dean's is cut short and moved over to the station. Andy and Sullivan head out in the aid car to aid a hit-and-run victim. Upon finding out the accident happened at the exact same spot where his wife died, Sullivan has trouble keeping himself together, while a faulty connection to dispatch leaves them unsure which hospital is still accessible. The rest of the team heads out to free a man who got trapped under a collapsed car port. While at the scene, the situation worsens when destroyed electrical wiring causes a house fire. Back at the station, Jack is unable to hide his PTSD from Pruitt after a confrontation. Meanwhile, Ryan discovers that the FBI has issued an arrest warrant for his father, leaving him unsure whether to act on it or not. Ripley and Vic try to hide their budding relationship while he spends the day at the station. Over dinner, he announces that Maya will soon be promoted to Lieutenant, although the promotion requires her to move to Station 23. Maya calls Andy to tell her, but Andy is unreachable as the aid car was blown off the road into a ravine.
188"Crash and Burn"Paris BarclayTia NapolitanoMarch 7, 2019 (2019-03-07)5.24[31]
Andy has to take care of Sullivan and their patient, Shannon in the crashed aid car. Since Sullivan can't move his legs, Andy has to keep Shannon alive and climb up the hill to place a flare all by herself. Back at the station, Pruitt demands the firefighters stage an intervention for Jack, who starts lashing out. Travis breaks things off with Grant. As soon as they get word that the aid car never arrived at the hospital, the team stages a successful search and rescue mission. Ryan decides to let his father go. Four months later, Andy is awarded a Medal of Valor even though she doesn't think she deserves it. Vic and Ripley's relationship continues to grow, while Jack has started therapy.
199"I Fought the Law"Sydney FreelandBarbara Kaye FriendMarch 14, 2019 (2019-03-14)5.02[32]
Andy, Maya and Dean find a woman who is injured and has amnesia. Sullivan, Ben and Jack nearly have a close call while they're treating a patient. Ryan may not have seen the last of his father.
2010"Crazy Train"Daryn OkadaAnupam NigamMarch 21, 2019 (2019-03-21)5.55[33]
Jack and Maya are called to treat minor injuries in a stalled subway train, but they discover a contagious disease may be spreading amongst the passengers and initiate a quarantine, much to some passengers' dismay. As they work together to avert a crisis amidst several medical crises, Jack's PTSD is looming. Andy and Vic give a tour to Kathleen, a cadet from the Fire Academy who's on the brink of dropping out, and give her tips to stand her ground as a woman in the tough training program. Meanwhile, the men discover a more cheerful side to Sullivan when he helps out to repaint Travis' apartment. Jack and Maya celebrate their successful day together in the shower. Pruitt forces Ryan to vet potential buyers for his house.
2111"Baby Boom"Marcus StokesMolly Green & James LefflerMarch 28, 2019 (2019-03-28)5.44[34]
The station is shaken up when a young girl crashes an RV into the building. While the crew works to stabilize the structure, Ben works to stabilize the girl's mother who is having seizures, earning him a blessing to apply for Medic One from Sullivan. Andy takes care of the girl, whose insulin is possibly disturbed by the crash. Later, the girl collapses. Also, Ripley works with Travis and learns that he knows about his involvement with Vic, prompting a fight between the new couple. Later, a baby is left at reception, forcing the firefighters to take turns in babysitting duty, which has a surprising effect on the initially averse Maya. Meanwhile, Jack and Dean have dinner with Dean's family, who disapprove of Dean's career choice. Dean's sister Yemi drops the bomb that she too, wants to move out. In order to convince their parents to give her the same support he had, Dean agrees to go on dates with suitable women of his mother's choosing. Pruitt gets personal with his real estate agent.
2212"When It Rains, It Pours!"Ellen PressmanTrey CallawayApril 4, 2019 (2019-04-04)5.26[35]
Dean goes on a series of bad dates with women who disapprove of firefighting. Andy walks in on Pruitt and Reggie and struggles to accept him moving on, a sentiment Sullivan is familiar with. On her way home, a sick Vic witnesses a car crash involving a woman in labor. She works to keep the couple safe in the pouring rain and prepares for the impending delivery. Ripley finds himself in need of talking and confides in his old friend Sullivan. Jack confides in Maya that Dean's family troubles have him wondering about his own parents. After the rescue, Vic confronts her fight with Ripley and they agree to work things out. While Maya is eager to help him out, he doesn't want to act on it yet, causing friction between them. Ryan ends his involvement with Andy in favor a second date with fellow cop, Jenna.
2313"The Dark Night"Stacey K. BlackPhillip IscoveApril 11, 2019 (2019-04-11)5.38[36]
There is a blackout in Seattle that creates dangerous situations throughout the city. The crew is called to an apartment building to help locate a missing asthmatic girl. Andy convinces Sullivan to let cadet Kathleen come on a ride-along to re-kindle her love for firefighting after her best friend dropped out of the Academy. They eventually locate the missing girl trapped in an industrial washer, but a gas leak prevents them from using the usual tools. Meanwhile, Ben, Travis, and Vic fight to keep a terminal lung cancer patient alive without electricity and even though the man wishes to die, his daughter has trouble coming to terms with signing a DNR. Maya suggests Dean use her as a fake girlfriend to get his mother off his back, which makes Jack see how great she is. Pruitt's recent Hawaii trip and job change inspires Ripley to go after what he wants. Andy and Sullivan build their friendship, while Andy also befriends Jenna.
2414"Friendly Fire"DeMane DavisJim CampolongoApril 18, 2019 (2019-04-18)4.96[37]
Ripley and Vic are considering the crazy option to marry to save their relationship. Station 19 gets called to handle a structure fire at a coffee processing plant. The team rescues Station 42's firefighters, but 42's Captain is stuck in the building, so Ripley risks his life to save him. Andy is surprised when she finds out about Maya and Jack's secret relationship. Pruitt takes on a new job.
2515"Always Ready"Nicole RubioTia NapolitanoMay 2, 2019 (2019-05-02)6.39[38]

Following Ripley's medical complications, Andy, Sullivan, and Ben search for Vic to advise her, but she thinks he stood her up in the morning so she throws a wrench in the works. Later they find her, but when they arrive in the hospital the situation gets worse and Ripley dies in Vic's arms, with the Seattle firefighters shocked.

This episode concludes a crossover with Grey's Anatomy that begins on "What I Did for Love".
2616"For Whom The Bell Tolls"Tessa BlakeBarbara Kaye FriendMay 9, 2019 (2019-05-09)5.05[39]
Station 19 is called to organize their equipment to supply and assist with a big wildfire in Los Angeles; Ryan says to Andy he will move to San Diego for a program of paramedical formation, with his new girlfriend Jenna. In the meantime Vic can't accept Ripley's death and she doesn't want to go to the funeral, so she argues with Travis who tries to help her. Every firefighter in Station 19 is shocked by this loss and Sullivan has to write the funeral eulogy. During the day Andy and Ben respond to a man impaled by a chandelier and save his life. At the end Vic goes to the ceremony, which is very sad but also beautiful, then she goes to her and Ripley's favorite place, where she starts to accept her loss. Maya and Andy make up. In the evening a drunk Travis punches another firefighter.
2717"Into the Wildfire"Paris BarclayStacy McKeeMay 16, 2019 (2019-05-16)4.82[40]
Maya and Jack go public with their relationship. Ryan prepares to move to San Diego for the Tactical Paramedic Program. Station 19 is called to aid in battling a wildfire in Los Angeles and is assigned to protect a remote neighborhood. While there, they team up with wildfire-experienced residents Terry and Maria. Terry gets his hand stuck in a brush cutter causing Ben to amputate his hand. Dean fights to make Vic see light in the darkness. Sudden direction changes of the wind cut the neighborhood off from the rest of the firefighters as the wildfire closes in, forcing the group to retreat. A near-death experience brings Andy and Sullivan even closer together. The team makes it out alive just in time thanks to instructions by a local deaf firefighter named Dylan, who shares a kiss with Travis. Back in Seattle, Maya meets Dean's girlfriend Nikki, who turns out to be one of her exes. Travis is arrested when the firefighter he assaulted presses charges. Andy and Sullivan give in to the attraction between them, but Sullivan stops when he experiences numbness in his leg. Ben's impromptu amputation causes the Medic One proctor to take a closer look at his surgical career, which reveals several more cowboy moves, threatening Ben's acceptance into the program.

Season 3 (2020)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
281"I Know This Bar"Paris BarclayKrista VernoffJanuary 23, 2020 (2020-01-23)7.02[41]

After a tiring call, the Station 19 crew responds to the car crash into the Emerald City Bar. Inside, Ben and Pruitt team up with Grey Sloan's Jackson, Levi, and Nico to stabilize the injured surgical residents and the couple inside the car. The rest of the crew works from the outside to get everyone out and to the hospital. Tension lingers between Andy and Robert, who has rejected her in favor of impending promotions following Ripley's death. After taking her insubordinate behavior for weeks, he finally orders her to take personal days to stop her from inadvertently influencing the other team members. Maya breaks up with Jack for the same reason. Flashbacks detail the crew celebrating Bailey's pregnancy and being introduced to Jackson as Vic's new boyfriend as well as an explosive fight between Pruitt and his daughter as her sleeping with her Captain threatens to tarnish his legacy.

This episode begins a crossover with Grey's Anatomy that concludes on "Help Me Through the Night".
292"Indoor Fireworks"Paris BarclayKiley DonovanJanuary 30, 2020 (2020-01-30)6.12[42]
Michael Dixon from the Police Department is promoted as the new Fire Chief. While visiting the best company of the city, he reveals his intent to get the department good publicity. With Andy replaced by Rigo Vasquez from B-shift, the team responds to a call of fireworks going off in a five and dime store. Ben meets a teenager there that reminds him of his younger self as flashbacks detail a joyride accident that left his friend in a permanent vegetative state, which was the reason behind his career choices. Pruitt lets Sullivan know he won't hesitate to inform Dixon of his involvement with Andy if whatever is going on does not stop immediately. Maya reveals to Sullivan she's aiming for Captain if he gets promoted to Battalion Chief while Jack sleeps with Vasquez' wife, only realizing her identity later. Meanwhile, Andy and Ryan babysit her neighbors' kids when she is taken to the hospital after an accident. As Ryan confesses he came back from San Diego because he is still in love with Andy, the young boy appears with his mother's gun and shoots Ryan.
303"Eulogy"Eric LaneuvilleAnupam NigamFebruary 6, 2020 (2020-02-06)5.92[43]
Ryan succumbs to his injury while flashbacks detail his importance in Andy's life throughout the years. Flashbacks also reveal that Pruitt went to visit Ryan in San Diego to ask him to come back and play a role Andy's life given Pruitt's cancer and looming death, further encouraging him to confess his love for her. Andy returns to work soon after the funeral. A disastrous call pushes Ben to advocate for his Physician Response Team. Sullivan seeks out Tom Koracick's help when the pain in his leg becomes increasingly unmanageable. Jackson invites Vic for dinner with his mother, Richard and Maggie and she convinces Dean to come along as a buffer. Jack can't resist sleeping with Rigo's wife again. Pruitt convinces Sullivan not to appoint Andy to Captain as he thinks her state of mind would cause her to blow it, leading to Sullivan recommending Maya for the job.
314"House Where Nobody Lives"Oliver BokelbergMeghann PlunkettFebruary 13, 2020 (2020-02-13)6.00[44]
To move on from his broken relationship, Jack hooks up with the wife of another firefighter. And now that Maya is promoted to captain, it only makes things worse. Like everyone else at Station 19, Jack knows Andy deserved the job. Maya asks the team to abide by the ambulance “patrolling” high-risk areas. Since Miller is late, Maya asks the entire team to repeat the activity. Meanwhile, Ben and Jack mollify a group of homeless foster and biological siblings so they can help save a life and this triggers memories from Jack’s past. The new Fire Chief is already creating trouble. Michael Dixon was never a firefighter, he was a former cop and that puts him on a totally different tangent. Jack takes the time to talk to Andy about Ryan's death.
325"Into the Woods"Andy WolkTyrone FinchFebruary 20, 2020 (2020-02-20)6.27[45]
In an effort to increase morale, Maya takes the crew on a team-building camping trip. After a tense night, their bond is put to the test as they work to save first-time campers after a gruesome bear attack. Rigo suspects there is something going on between his wife and Jack when the two arrive late together to help them out. Pruitt and Andy mend their relationship when he offers an apology for his outburst. Sullivan and Ben stay behind from the trip to prepare an aid car for Ben's Physician Response Team. Ben vents his grief about losing his baby while Sullivan steals Fentanyl from the medical supplies. The medication causes him to open up about his personal life and behave erratically, alarming Ben, but Sullivan brushes it off as stress caused by his new job. Maya, feeling isolated and ridiculed by her former friends, flashes back to her youth, when her strict father made her focus on her running career at the cost of a social life.
336"Ice Ice Baby"Tessa BlakeRob GilesFebruary 27, 2020 (2020-02-27)6.59[46]
When a blizzard hits Seattle, the station opens its doors as a shelter for people in the neighborhood, among them is J.J., who goes into labor. Unable to be transported to the hospital, Maya, Andy, and Pruitt help her deliver the baby girl in the station. Maya tries to repair her friendship with Andy. When their argument becomes heated, Maya points out Pruitt's recent hovering over Andy, which leads to Andy piecing together that his cancer is back. She breaks down and is comforted by Robert. Rigo confronts Jack about his sleeping with Eva and beats him up. Jack explains to Dean why he didn't defend himself and Dean judges him for breaking the code amongst firefighters. Ben and Sullivan take care of a man whose foot needs to be amputated, increasing Ben's suspicions of Sullivan's weird behavior. Meanwhile, Travis tries to save a demented woman who's snowed in inside of her car in an undisclosed location. As his worried mother checks in on his wellbeing, he thinks back to his parents struggling to accept his sexuality and his breaking off contact with them when they fail to show up for the wedding.
347"Satellite of Love"Paris BarclayChris DowneyMarch 5, 2020 (2020-03-05)6.00[47]
After questioning Maya's ability to be captain Andy decides that she will just stick to the job and that is it. Vasquez is still on edge of course after finding out that Gibson slept with his wife. This creates issues with the two while on a job involving a rocket launcher that explodes and gets Vasquez injured. Sullivan is struggling with the pain of his hip and decides to start taking a drug that he stole from Warren's inventory of the OR on wheels. Making a judgement call that involves his wife Warren starts to question Sullivan's act on the 3 missing vials and is unsure of what to do so he believes it's an assumption. Chief Dixon has his son Emmett placed at station 19 as an entry firefighter which reveals that him and Montgomery have a sexual relationship. Something happened between the two without knowing who he is. Getting stuck on desk duty Emmett stays back at the house while the others go on a call. He acts quickly when he finds Sullivan suffering from a minor OD on the floor after he has hallucinations seeing Ripley questioning his decided path.
358"Born to Run"David GreenspanJill WeinbergerMarch 12, 2020 (2020-03-12)6.64[48]
The team scrambles to save the riders after they respond to a horrific motorbike accident. Sullivan steps up and tries to seek help from Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone). Dean wonders how to bring up a child on his own, as JJ left. Maya is not messing around on the field and lays into the tough-boss-attitude thick. Dean comes clean to Pruitt about his inexplicable emotions regarding his new daughter, and the lack of confidence he feels about looking after her. Andy finally realizes that Sullivan is her “safe space”.
369"Poor Wandering One"Janice CookeBrian AnthonyMarch 19, 2020 (2020-03-19)7.39[49]
3710"Something About What Happens When We Talk"Yangzom BrauenKrista VernoffMarch 26, 2020 (2020-03-26)6.90[50]
A psychologist visits Station 19 following Rigo's death. Ben opens up about saving Rigo and finally opens up about Bailey's miscarriage and her doubts about him switching from being a doctor to a firefighter. Travis shared about his particularly troubling relationship with his father. Dean lectures Vic that she sabotaged her relationship with Jackson by not telling him that she moved in with Dean. Meanwhile, Andy hasn't been able to come clean with her emotions.
3811"No Days Off"Tom VericaCinque HendersonApril 2, 2020 (2020-04-02)7.16[51]
3912"I'll Be Seeing You"Daryn OkadaAnupam Nigam & Meghann PlunkettApril 9, 2020 (2020-04-09)7.56[52]
4013"Dream a Little Dream of Me"Stacey K. BlackRob GilesApril 16, 2020 (2020-04-16)6.72[53]
After the heroic death of Pruitt, Andy and the rest of the crew mourn his death after saving their lives. Vic decides on finding a way to raise money for Pruitt's line-of-duty funeral because Chief Dixon is not allowing it as he considers he was a civilian. Warren learns from Emmett that Sullivan suffered an overdose, and Emmett comes out to the station as a gay man.
4114"The Ghosts That Haunt Me"Pete ChatmonTyrone FinchApril 30, 2020 (2020-04-30)5.58[54]
4215"Bad Guy"DeMane DavisKiley DonovanMay 7, 2020 (2020-05-07)5.57[55]
4316"Louder Than a Bomb"Paris BarclayEmmylou DiazMay 14, 2020 (2020-05-14)5.91[56]



On May 16, 2017, ABC chief Channing Dungey announced at ABC's upfront presentation that the network had given a straight-to-series order for a second Grey's Anatomy spin-off. Stacy McKee, a long-term Grey's writer and executive producer, will serve as showrunner and executive producer, with Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers also serving as executive producers. The series, which would be set in a Seattle firehouse, would follow the lives of a group of firefighters.[57] The order consisted of 10 episodes.[4] When announcing the series, Dungey said, "No one can interweave the jeopardy firefighters face in the line of duty with the drama in their personal lives quite like Shonda, and Grey's signature Seattle setting is the perfect backdrop for this exciting spinoff."[58] Patrick Moran, president at ABC Studios, added that "We talked [with Shonda] about the elements of Grey's Anatomy that seem to resonate with the audience—emotional storytelling, deep human connection, a high-stakes environment and strong and empowered women—and those elements will carry over to the spinoff."[59] In July 2017, Paris Barclay signed on to the series as producing director and executive producer.[60] In January 2018, it was announced that Ellen Pompeo had renewed her contract to portray Meredith Grey through season 16 of Grey's, in addition to becoming a producer on the show and a co-executive producer on the spin-off.[61] Later that month, ABC announced that the series would be titled Station 19.[62]

An episode of Grey's Anatomy, originally planned to air in fall 2017 but instead set to air in March 2018, will serve as a backdoor pilot for the series.[60][63] The backdoor pilot episode will feature the introduction of the lead character of the spin-off, Andy Herrera, "as a story within the episode" and "showcase a really lovely story for Ben, where we get to just juxtapose his two worlds and see his reaction as he transitions from one world to the next".[63]

On May 11, 2018, ABC renewed the series for a second season.[64] The second season premiered on October 4, 2018.[65] On October 19, 2018, it was announced that ABC had ordered a full season for the second season.[66] On May 10, 2019, the series was renewed for a third season which premiered on January 23, 2020.[67][1] On March 11, 2020, the series was renewed for a fourth season to air during the 2020–21 television season.[2]


On July 26, 2017, Jaina Lee Ortiz was cast as the female lead, Andrea "Andy" Herrera.[68] In September 2017, it was announced that Jason George, who has played Dr. Ben Warren since season 6 of Grey's Anatomy, would be leaving the series to join the spin-off as a series regular. On October 6, 2017, Grey Damon was cast as Lieutenant Jack Gibson, Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery, Okieriete Onaodowan as Dean Miller, Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop, and Barrett Doss as Victoria "Vic" Hughes.[69][70][4] They were shortly followed by Miguel Sandoval as Captain Pruitt Herrera,[71] and Alberto Frezza as police officer, Ryan Tanner.[72]


Filming for the first season began on October 18, 2017,[73] and concluded on April 2, 2018.[citation needed] Filming for the series takes place primarily in Los Angeles;[63] additional filming for the series takes place in Seattle. The station in Station 19 is based on Seattle's Station 20, located in its Queen Anne neighborhood.[74]



Station 19 began airing on March 22, 2018, on ABC in the United States.[75] CTV acquired the broadcast rights for Canada.[76] Sky Living acquired the rights to air the series in the UK and Ireland.[citation needed]


In early December 2017, Entertainment Weekly released first look images of the series.[63]




Viewership and ratings per season of Station 19
Season Timeslot (ET) Episodes First aired Last aired TV season Viewership
Avg. viewers
Date Viewers
Date Viewers
1 Thursday 9:00 pm 10 March 22, 2018 (2018-03-22) 5.43[15] May 17, 2018 (2018-05-17) 5.10[23] 2017–18 54 7.36[77]
2 17 October 4, 2018 (2018-10-04) 5.17[24] May 16, 2019 (2019-05-16) 4.82[40] 2018–19 53 7.37[78]
3 Thursday 8:00 pm (1–12)
Thursday 9:00 pm (13–16)
16 January 23, 2020 (2020-01-23) 7.02[41] May 14, 2020 (2020-05-14) 5.91[56] 2019–20 29 8.52[79]

Season 1[edit]

No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Stuck" March 22, 2018 1.1/5 5.43[15] 0.9 3.11 2.0 8.54[80]
2 "Invisible To Me" March 22, 2018 1.1/5 5.43[15] 0.9 3.11 2.0 8.54[80]
3 "Contain the Flame" March 29, 2018 1.2/5 5.86[16] 0.8 2.70 2.0 8.56[81]
4 "Reignited" April 5, 2018 1.0/4 5.09[17] 0.8 2.63 1.8 7.72[82]
5 "Shock to the System" April 12, 2018 1.0/4 5.59[18] 0.8 2.40 1.8 7.99[83]
6 "Stronger Together" April 19, 2018 1.1/4 5.41[19] 0.7 2.42 1.8 7.84[84]
7 "Let It Burn" April 26, 2018 0.9/3 5.17[20] 0.7 2.30 1.6 7.47[85]
8 "Every Second Counts" May 3, 2018 1.0/4 5.14[21] 0.7 2.25 1.7 7.40[86]
9 "Hot Box" May 10, 2018 0.9/4 4.45[22] 0.7 2.29 1.6 6.75[87]
10 "Not Your Hero" May 17, 2018 1.0/4 5.10[23] 0.7 2.26 1.7 7.35[88]

Season 2[edit]

No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "No Recovery" October 4, 2018 1.1/5 5.17[24] 0.6 2.36 1.7 7.53[89]
2 "Under the Surface" October 11, 2018 1.3/5 6.54[25] 0.9 2.75 2.2 9.29[90]
3 "Home to Hold Onto" October 18, 2018 0.8/3 4.16[26] 0.7 2.25 1.5 6.40[91]
4 "Lost and Found" October 25, 2018 0.9/4 5.02[27] 0.6 2.16 1.5 7.19[92]
5 "Do a Little Harm..." November 1, 2018 0.9/4 4.89[28] 0.7 2.32 1.6 7.21[93]
6 "Last Day on Earth" November 8, 2018 1.0/5 5.10[29] 0.7 2.38 1.7 7.48[94]
7 "Weather the Storm" November 15, 2018 1.2/5 5.91[30] 0.7 2.40 1.9 8.31[95]
8 "Crash and Burn" March 7, 2019 0.9/4 5.24[31] 0.7 2.54 1.6 7.78[96]
9 "I Fought the Law" March 14, 2019 0.8/4 5.02[32] 0.6 2.34 1.4 7.30[97]
10 "Crazy Train" March 21, 2019 0.9/4 5.55[33] 0.6 2.27 1.5 7.82[98]
11 "Baby Boom" March 28, 2019 1.0/5 5.44[34] 0.6 2.29 1.6 7.74[99]
12 "When It Rains, It Pours!" April 4, 2019 0.9/4 5.26[35] 0.6 2.38 1.5 7.64[100]
13 "The Dark Night" April 11, 2019 0.9/5 5.38[36] 0.6 2.15 1.5 7.53[101]
14 "Friendly Fire" April 18, 2019 0.8/4 4.96[37] 0.6 2.24 1.4 7.21[102]
15 "Always Ready" May 2, 2019 1.2/6 6.39[38] 0.9 2.70 2.1 9.10[103]
16 "For Whom The Bell Tolls" May 9, 2019 0.9/4 5.05[39] 0.7 2.44 1.6 7.50[104]
17 "Into the Wildfire" May 16, 2019 0.8/4 4.82[40] 0.7 2.42 1.5 7.25[105]

Season 3[edit]

No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "I Know This Bar" January 23, 2020 1.2/7 7.02[41] 0.7 2.78 1.9 9.80[106]
2 "Indoor Fireworks" January 30, 2020 1.0/6 6.12[42] 0.4 1.87 1.4 7.99[107]
3 "Eulogy" February 6, 2020 0.9/5 5.92[43] 0.5 1.95 1.4 7.87[108]
4 "House Where Nobody Lives" February 13, 2020 0.9/5 6.00[44] 0.5 2.17 1.5 8.15[109]
5 "Into the Woods" February 20, 2020 1.0/5 6.27[45] 0.5 2.16 1.5 8.44[110]
6 "Ice Ice Baby" February 27, 2020 1.1/6 6.59[46] 0.5 2.17 1.6 8.76[111]
7 "Satellite of Love" March 5, 2020 1.0/5 6.00[47] 0.5 1.93 1.5 7.96[112]
8 "Born to Run" March 12, 2020 1.1/6 6.64[48] 0.5 2.06 1.5 8.71[113]
9 "Poor Wandering One" March 19, 2020 1.3/6 7.39[49] 0.4 1.83 1.7 9.22[114]
10 "Something About What Happens When We Talk" March 26, 2020 1.1/5 6.90[50] 0.5 2.00 1.6 8.86[115]
11 "No Days Off" April 2, 2020 1.1/5 7.16[51] 0.5 1.82 1.6 8.99[116]
12 "I'll Be Seeing You" April 9, 2020 1.3/6 7.56[52] 0.5 1.84 1.8 9.40[117]
13 "Dream a Little Dream of Me" April 16, 2020 1.2/6 6.72[53] 0.5 1.97 1.7 8.69[118]
14 "The Ghosts That Haunt Me" April 30, 2020 0.9/5 5.58[54] 0.5 2.16 1.3 7.74[119]
15 "Bad Guy" May 7, 2020 0.8/4 5.57[55] 0.5 2.11 1.3 7.68[120]
16 "Louder Than a Bomb" May 14, 2020 0.9/5 5.91[56] 0.5 2.16 1.4 8.07[121]

Critical response[edit]

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported a 65% approval rating with an average rating of 6.0/10 based on 17 reviews.[122] Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned a score of 55 out of 100 based on 10 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[123]


Year Award Category Nominee(s) Result Ref.
2018 Imagen Awards Best Primetime Program – Drama Station 19 Won [124]


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