Statue of John of Nepomuk, Charles Bridge

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Statue of John of Nepomuk
Jan Nepomucky.jpg
The statue in 2012
Artist Jan Brokoff
Type Sculpture
Subject John of Nepomuk
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Coordinates 50°05′12″N 14°24′37″E / 50.08668°N 14.41025°E / 50.08668; 14.41025Coordinates: 50°05′12″N 14°24′37″E / 50.08668°N 14.41025°E / 50.08668; 14.41025
Matthias Rauchmiller's clay model (1681) for the statue of St John of Nepomuk which was placed Charles Bridge in Prague in 1683. Its iconography (bearded priest leaning to one side, wearing biretta, holding crucifix, haloed by five stars) became the archetype for later representations of this saint.

The statue of John of Nepomuk is an outdoor sculpture, installed in 1683 on the north side of the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic. It was the first of the many Baroque images of saints to be installed on the bridge. The bronze statue is based on a clay model made in 1681 by Matthias Rauchmiller. The sculptor Jan Brokoff created a large wooden sculpture based on Rauchmiller's model, which was then cast in bronze in Nuremberg.

Rauchmiller's clay model is now in the collection of the National Gallery of Prague.[1]

Brokoff's wooden statue (gilded) has been displayed on the altar of Prague's Church of St. John of Nepomuk On the Rock since 1819.[2][3][4]

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