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There are a number of statues of Paul Bunyan on display in the United States.

Portland, Oregon[edit]

The most famous statue of Paul Bunyan is the 31-foot-tall (9.4 m) concrete and metal sculpture which has stood in the Kenton neighborhood of Portland, Oregon since 1959.

Bangor, Maine[edit]

Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor, Maine

Another 31-foot (9.4 m) statue can be found in Bangor, Maine. Standing since 1959, it weights 3700 pounds.[1] The statue is shown with a large ax in one hand, and a peavey in the other hand.[1]

Klamath, California[edit]

At the Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California there is a 49-foot (15 m) tall Statue of Paul Bunyan."[2]

Cheshire, Connecticut[edit]

When the 26-foot "Muffler Man" Paul Bunyan was erected in front of a local lumber business in the 1980s, the town objected to the statue, citing that it was a violated of town codes given its substantial height. Finding no limitation on flagpole height on the books, the owners of the statue replaced Bunyan's axe with an American flag.[3]


Smaller (although still larger than life) statues can also be found in the Minnesota towns of Akeley, Bemidji, and Brainerd as well as Manistique, Michigan; Ossineke, Michigan; Muncie, Indiana; and Lakewood, Wisconsin.[1] Paul Bunyan's Log Chute, an amusement park ride inside Bloomington, Minnesota's Mall of America, also houses large statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. The Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum at Carson Park (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) has statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. The Rumford, Maine visitor center is home to giant statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. Another larger than life Paul Bunyan statue can be found at a small Northern NY Amusement Park/Water Park "Enchanted Forest Water Safari" in Old Forge, NY.


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