Statute Law Revision (Pre-Union Irish Statutes) Act 1962

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The Statute Law Revision (Pre-Union Irish Statutes) Act 1962[1] (No 29) is an Act of the Oireachtas.

The Act repealed various Acts of the pre-Union Parliament of Ireland, passed from 1459 to 1800, either wholly or in part, including the Crown of Ireland Act 1542 making the king of England also king of Ireland, various Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity, and the Irish version of the Act of Union 1800. Some of the equivalent English and British Acts which also applied to Ireland were not explicitly repealed in the Republic of Ireland until later statute law revision Acts (the British version of the Act of Union in the Statute Law Revision Act 1983), even though their application had been overtaken by events.

This Act has not been amended.[2]

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