Stausee Gibidum

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Stausee Gibidum
Location Valais, Switzerland
Coordinates 46°22′22″N 8°0′10″E / 46.37278°N 8.00278°E / 46.37278; 8.00278Coordinates: 46°22′22″N 8°0′10″E / 46.37278°N 8.00278°E / 46.37278; 8.00278
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Aletsch Glacier, Massa
Primary outflows Massa
Catchment area 150.3 km2 (58.0 sq mi)
Basin countries Switzerland
Surface area 0.21 km2 (0.081 sq mi)
Max. depth 104 m (341 ft)
Water volume 9.2×10^6 m3 (320×10^6 cu ft)
Surface elevation 1,436.5 m (4,713 ft)
Not to be confused with Gebidumsee (or Gibidumsee), a natural lake.

Stausee Gibidum (Gibidum reservoir or "Stausee Gebidem") is a reservoir in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. Its surface area is 0.21 km², shared by the municipalities of Naters and Riederalp.

The construction of Gebidem dam was started in 1964 and completed by 1967. The arch dam has an elevation of 122 m and a crest length of 327 m.

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